Valve’s latest CSGO ban wave hits thousands of boosters and bot accounts

valve csgo prime banValve

Valve’s new ban wave has hit CS:GO boosters and botters hard, with over 10,000 accounts banned. However, the studio isn’t done yet, asking the community for help to track down more.

The June 3 patch update made it a bit harder for cheaters to boost accounts by locking Prime Status behind a paywall. Soon after, an influx of bans in CS:GO started to be distributed.

A day after the Prime update, CS:GO ban-rate was 52-times higher than average in the past month, according to Convars, a community database that logs bans from CS:GO’s Matchmaking.

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Most of these bans are believed to be boosters.

People have been orchestrating CS:GO matches filled with bots to boost accounts for the purposes of reselling them once they hit level 21 – which used to award it Prime Status.

With the revamp to Prime, however, that scheme has been derailed and now Valve are setting their sights on the accounts involved.

“Boosted accounts are getting in-game mass banned by the CS:GO team as we speak,” Twitter user ‘killa’ said.

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“All of this is in correlation with the update that came out earlier today. Seems like they are taking harsh actions against boosters who previously got to PR21 [Prime Rank 21] via boosting.”

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CSGO’s ranked matchmaking has been suffering for a while, especially after the game went free-to-play in 2018.

Valve’s endless battle against hackers or cheaters has made for an unpleasant experience when trying to queue up in the tactical shooter.

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valve csgo prime banvia Reddit
Valve is looking for help to ban CSGO bot accounts and boosters.

It looks like the studio will start to crack down harder on the problem, going by Valve Senior Software Engineer John McDonald’s call to arms.

“Send more reports of botting players or matches you encounter our way at with the subject ‘bot accounts,’” McDonald advised players.

Boosters are a never-ending battle for the CS:GO developers, but they seem resolved to finally stopping the plague once and for all.

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