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CSGO caster infiltrates broadcast in disguise to troll organizers for “underpaying” talent

Published: 27/May/2021 14:55

by Calum Patterson


An amateur CS:GO caster attempted and succeeded in making up a fake character, and blagged their way onto an official broadcast, in an effort to troll the tournament organizer, Relog Media and GRID esports.

Esports commentator Jamie ‘Squid’ Stewart alleges in a YouTube video that Relog Media’s owner has run various companies which have all left players and talent out of pocket. He alleges that the company owes money to players from E-Frag, and that Relog has “been underpaying their CS:GO commentators all year.”

Stewart wanted to show that the company was using “vulnerable” casters with little experience, and so tested if he could create a fake persona to appear during a tournament and cast a match.


Esports caster for CSGO
YouTube: SemiPr0nogo
Fictional caster ‘Domcasts’ featuring on the broadcast.

Creating the character ‘Domcasts’, Stewart wore a bald cap and put on an “eastern-European” accent, for his totally fictitious caster who didn’t even have any social media accounts.

He managed to get Domcasts hired for the Funspark Ulti tournament, with a slot on May 6. Stewart appeared on camera for the stream, and cast a full match, all while putting on a very strange voice, and no one in chat any the wiser.

Following his stint on the broadcast, Relog Media’s COO reached out and said that they wouldn’t be hiring him for any upcoming casts, due to a number of complaints they received.


However, Domcasts, or rather Jamie Stewart, had no intentions of doing another cast.

“A whole best of three, and I never got caught,” Stewart explains. “That shouldn’t be a surprise, considering Relog Media and GRID Esports do not care about their CS:GO broadcasts. All they care about is betting, and that their games go ahead without any politics or drama.

Stewart also alleges that in GRID Esports’ eFire League, “GRID’s most senior staff setup zero-delay broadcasts, which were then used by bad actors to cheat and matchfix.”