How to customize new CSGO chat wheel: pings, binds, more

Andrew Amos

CS:GO has introduced a huge chat wheel function in Operation Broken Fang, overhauling the old system in a bigger and better way. Here’s how you can customize it to suit your needs.

CS:GO has always had some sort of ping system to communicate with teammates about certain things. However, it’s been long outdated, with newer games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and even Rainbow Six: Siege completely blowing Valve’s title out of the water.

Operation Broken Fang has changed the game though. CS:GO’s ping and chat wheel system has been brought back into modernity. There’s plenty of new commands you can use to quickly communicate with allies. The best part? You can customize it to fit your playstyle.

Customizing your new CS:GO chat wheel

The new CS:GO chat wheel can be customized with ease in the settings menu in-game. You can set up to three chat wheels you can have access to. With each wheel having 8 options, you can bind up to 24 commands ⁠— up from the previous 15.

The commands are also more useful. They can ping sites on the minimap, notify teammates where you need assistance, and more.

Here’s exactly how you can tailor your chat wheel to your liking.

  1. Launch CS:GO and open the settings tab.
  2. Navigate to Keyboard/Mouse > Chat Wheel Keys.
  3. Click on the chat wheel you wish to customize.
  4. Click on what message you’d like to replace, and the one you’d like to replace it with.
  5. Save your changes, and play.
CS:GO chat wheel customization options
There are dozens of customization choices on the new CS:GO chat wheel.

All the new CS:GO chat wheel options

The new CS:GO chat wheel options are split into seven tabs: Preparation, Movement, Commands, Report, Bomb Status, Responses, and Grenades. There’s over 30 options all up. Here’s a list of what you can choose from.


  • We should save
  • We should buy
  • Request a weapon
  • What’s the plan?


  • Go go go!
  • On my way
  • Follow me
  • Following you
  • Ping Site A
  • Ping Site B
  • Ping Middle


  • Rotate to me
  • Stay together
  • Spread out
  • Fall back
  • Hold this position
  • Check the Hostage


  • Heard noise
  • Enemy spotted
  • One enemy here
  • Multiple enemies
  • Need Backup
  • Sniper spotted
  • Bomb carrier spotted
  • In position
  • Covering you
  • Area clear

Bomb Status

  • I’ll De/Activate Bomb
  • You De/Activate
  • Bomb was dropped
  • Guarding the Bomb
  • Ping Bomb
  • Bomb picked up


  • Yes
  • No
  • Nice!
  • Thanks!
  • Cheer
  • Pep talk
  • Sorry


  • Need Decoys
  • Need Smokes
  • Need Frag Grenades
  • Need Molotovs
  • Need Flashbangs

Operation Broken Fang introduced more than just a chat wheel though. CS:GO’s first major update in over a year released nearly 100 new skins, seven maps, a new Retakes game mode, a battle pass, and more.

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