EG Are a DISGRACE | Richard Lewis Reacts @ ESL Pro League

. 1 year ago
Richard Lewis reacts to Evil Geniuses ESL Pro League


It’s pretty clear that Evil Geniuses’ lackluster performance at ESL Pro League has left both fans, and Richard Lewis, pretty unimpressed.

After a series of diabolical performances in Group D, Evil Geniuses found themselves at the tail end of the pack, and Richard has a lot to say about it.

While acknowledging that the Geniuses’ choice to add Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter to the roster may have caused major disruption, he refers to their performance as a “disgrace.”

After having once ruled the CS:GO world, Lewis notes that the squad have consistently fallen down the ranks, with wins few and far between and never anything “to shout about.” Despite their 50 day bootcamp this year, nothing much seems to have changed.

Despite taking down Astralis pretty early, they took “embarrassing” Ls against orgs like Fnatic, Team Liquid, and finally Endpoint CeX. Fans were quick to criticize oBo, but Lewis thinks the problem goes much deeper.

Referring to the “Stan project” as “having absolutely failed,” Evil Geniuses have no excuses considering their readily available vast resource pool.

“Your players ought be ashamed of themselves, it’s absolutely outrageous how bad you are,” Richard concludes, and implores the squad to up their tactics and stop being so distracted by the monetary gains that many former CS:GO pros claim Valorant offers. Changing the game doesn’t change the attitude.

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