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DreamHack Masters CSGO moves online: Teams, schedule, prize pool

Published: 3/Apr/2020 15:36

by Joe Craven


DreamHack have confirmed that the upcoming DreamHack Masters event, originally set to take place in Jönköping, Sweden, has been moved to an entirely online format. 

The original news that the 2020 DreamHack Masters was postponed did not come as a shock to many competitive CS:GO fans. Almost across the board, the ongoing global health crisis has seen esports events canceled, postponed, or moved online. 

Just in the CS:GO community, the ESL One Rio Major, originally scheduled for May, has been pushed back to November. While ESL took the decision to keep it on LAN later in the year, DreamHack have shifted the 2020 DreamHack Masters to online.

The ESL Rio event has been pushed back to November 2020.

DreamHack Masters 2020 Schedule

DreamHack confirmed that the new tournament will take place in two parts across May and June. However, qualifiers will take place from April 16-20, in order to confirm all the teams taking part. 

The first part, from May 19 to 30, will be the group stages. These will be split into NA and EU, so as to best to reduce latency and potential internet issues. Both competitions will go ahead simultaneously and will follow identical formats.

The second part of the reorganized tournament will be the playoffs, which will take place from June 8 to 14. This will see victors crowned in Europe and North America. 

Similar competitions will take place in Oceania and Asia from June 2 to 7, albeit with significantly smaller prize pools. 

Astralis are one of the teams to have confirmed their attendance.

DreamHack Masters 2020 Prize Pool 

Despite moving to an online tournament and so losing revenue from ticket sales and other income streams, the tournament will still boast a $300,000 prize pool. This will be split between the four different regions as follows: 

  • Europe – $160,000
  • North America – $100,000
  • Oceania – $20,000
  • Asia – $20,000

DreamHack Masters 2020 Teams

As any competitive CS:GO fan will know, the major teams are not obligated to attend every tournament. At the time of writing, DreamHack have confirmed that the following teams will be in attendance: 

  • Europe — Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Vitality, ENCE, BIG, North
  • North America — Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, Furia, MIBR
  • Asia — TyLoo, ViCi Gaming

DreamHack will confirm the participation of more teams as they become available. Online tournaments may be rejected by some teams on the basis of the inconsistencies that can come through internet connection. 

“We’re very excited to move to an online format for DreamHack Masters Spring,” said Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer at DreamHack. “While not being able to compete on LAN is unfortunate, we’ve developed a structure to support teams, players and fans around the world.”

“We look forward to a great competition,” he finished. “Showing that the world of esports goes on as we’re quick to adapt and find solutions for this new reality.”

We will continue to update you on DreamHack Masters as news becomes available. 


How arT’s aggression is leading FURIA’s CSGO charge to site

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:01

by Marco Rizzo


Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan has led FURIA to the top of NA Counter-Strike thanks not only to his calling but also his ultra-aggressive playstyle. 

Dexerto explores the Brazilian’s signature aggression and how it has defined him as the most offensive player in CSGO history. 

His playstyle slowly leaked into his strategies, making FURIA one of the most aggressive teams in the world: allowing them to become the most successful T-side team over the last few months. 

This was clear during ESL Pro League 11 NA, where arT’s aggressive pushes and misdirection on Inferno led the team to a dominant win against the best NA had to offer. All this while delivering some of the most entertaining CS ever. 

The importance of his dual-role as a IGL and Entry-Fragger is not lost, allowing him to quickly adapt his calling after going first into bombsites. 

ArT has led FURIA to become true contenders on the world stage but now the difficult part begins: keeping ahead of the curve and keep the elements of surprise on his side.