CSGO: Team Liquid GM responds to NAF roster rumors

Daniel Cleary

Team Liquid’s general manager, CS:GO roster.

It is an interesting time for the competitive CS:GO scene, as many new organizations, such as 100 Thieves, have revealed that they are looking to enter the space and build championship-caliber rosters.

This period of roster moves, which has already seen the return of Evil Geniuses and popular Dota 2 organization OG Esports reportedly acquiring a CS team, has also come with many rumors on potential trades, including one that Team Liquid was considering benching their rifler, NAF, with Cloud9’s Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta a possible replacement.

DreamHackTeam Liquid are looking to get back to their winning ways.

Despite Team Liquid’s current slump, the North American roster is still regarded as one of the top teams in the world since securing the Intel Grand Slam at ESL One Cologne on July 7, which is why the initial report from RushBMedia came as a shock to many CS fans.

However, after indications that the rumor was suspected to be inaccurate, especially as Stewie2k explained he was unaware of any change, Team Liquid’s general manager, Steve Perino, has put an end to the questions.

Steve revealed that the messages about NAF had become too much for him to stay silent on the topic and addressed the roster’s plans for the future.

“Don’t usually reply to this stuff but the messages are getting out of hand. We have 0 plans on any roster moves.” He explained. “When we read the NAF article it became a nice team meme. Now it’s getting out of hand.”

He also admitted that he is aware of Liquid’s recent struggles and explained that there is no roster move needed to get the fan-favorite squad back on top. “Yes we are in a tough stretch. Hard work will get us out of it not roster moves.”

Although NAF and Team Liquid are off the back of a poor performance at DreamHack Masters in Malmö, where they finished top 12 overall, fans are hopeful that they will return to form to be in contention for the next few events.

In the short break following DreamHack Malmö, Liquid will now be looking to qualify for the ECS and EPL playoff finals at the end of the year.