CS:GO superstar coldzera reveals multiple teams looking to sign him

Alan Bernal

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David revealed that up to four teams have already expressed interest in him as he looks to move on from MiBR.

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The CS:GO scene looks to be in a bidding war for the veteran’s services, as top teams look to bolster their rosters for a chance to break Team Liquid’s hold as the world’s undisputed best team.

Even though he’s still on the MiBR roster, apparently that hasn’t stopped orgs from approaching the 2x HLTV best player of the year talent who could end his stint on his current org being benched.

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ELEAGUEColdzera will part ways with longtime teammate Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, coldzera revealed a lot about what’s to come as his time in the MiBR organization appears to be coming to a rapid end.

“I am still analyzing the offers I have received,” coldzera said. “After a Major there is always this game of musical chairs in the scene, so I still need to wait and see if I receive some other offers.”

In the same conversation, cold said there were already “four teams” who are pushing to see him in their respective jerseys. While there are a ton of teams that could desperately use his services, the 24-year-old gave no indication as to who was courting him.

ESLColdzera will look for a strong team to play with rather than seek the best financial gains.
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While teams will undoubtedly be throwing large figure sums to acquire the Brazilian, it doesn’t look like money will be the first thing on his mind when looking for his next team.

“The financial issue is the least of my concerns,” coldzera said. “My biggest concern is who I will play with, the kind of organisation I will play under, if it has a good structure or not.”

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DreamhackThe Brazilian veteran has seen a lot of changes to the lineup, but will soon exit MiBR himself.

He will obviously have his pick of the litter when it comes time to commit to an org, and it sounds like he knows it since he’s willing to hold off on a decision even if it costs months of inactivity.

“There are many factors that need to be considered, and I need to do it with care.” coldzera said. “Every rushed decision brings problems in the end. I am very calm, even if I do not compete for two or three months.”

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As a big time signing, the CS:GO scene will hold its collective breath to see where coldzera ultimately decides to land.

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