M80 reportedly signs star CSGO IGL nitr0 as he makes Valorant comeback

nitr0 reportedly signing on to m80Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

M80 is reportedly signing on the star NA CSGO in-game leader nitr0 as he makes a Valorant comeback after retiring from Counter-Strike.

According to Valorant reporter Max Katz, M80 is set to sign the star CSGO in-game leader Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, with GianFranco “koalanoob” Potestio, Marc-Andre “NiSMO” Tayar, and Alexender “Zander” Dituri joining him. A fifth man is still unknown.

In May, nitr0 revealed he was retiring from CSGO after his last tournament in IEM Dallas this year, further revealing he was open to a Valorant comeback.

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Nitr0 had competed in the VCT circuit under 100 Thieves after switching in 2020, winning the North America First Strike and securing a top-four finish at 2021 Masters Berlin. 

After not qualifying for 2021’s Valorant Champions, the 100 Thieves roster fell apart, with nitr0 returning to CSGO and IGL-ing Team Liquid once again. 

If nitr0 were to sign with M80, he would be competing in the North American Challengers circuit vying for an Americas Ascension spot. M80 was close to ascending in 2023, being a runner-up to The Guard. 

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M80’s previous IGL, Mouhamed “johnqt” Ouarid, was signed on to Sentinels this week, which left the team with an IGL spot that nitr0 is reportedly filling in. However, the team has not decided on a fifth man as of yet. 

Another M80 player and their head coach is still on the org, Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic and coach Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer. It is unkown if both are staying on the team or will be departing for another org.

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