CS:GO star s1mple calls out racist player and gets perfect response

Connor Bennett

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has been commended for not putting up with a racist teammate during his May 13 stream. 

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Just having offensive names and images pop up on stream can be pretty troublesome for streamers, as they can land themselves in hot water with Twitch. Back in March, Valve dropped the March 6 update, which allowed fans to alter their communications with players in-game.

That meant giving players the ability to hide profile images and sanitize any names of players that aren’t on their friend’s list. Yet, it clearly wasn’t something s1mple opted to do as he ran into one particular player with an extremely offensive name during his stream.

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The #1 player in the world has become a regular on Twitch.

S1mple had been playing a competitive matchmaking game on Vertigo, when he grew tired of one teammate’s in-game name that included derogatory terms.

“Man, you have really bad name, you know,” started the Na’Vi star. While the teammate replied by pleading ignorance, S1mple wasn’t buying it. “I mean you are a bad person. Fuck you.” It didn’t take long for S1mple’s teammates to chime in, voting to kick the offensive player from the game before the 13th round could get underway.

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“We are good humans, boys,” added the Ukrainian once the player had been removed from the match – delighting his viewers who celebrated the kicking.

[Viewer warning, the below clip does contain racist terms on-screen]

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S1mple receives praise

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, with praise coming in for s1mple and his teammates after moving to kick the player from the game.

Veteran esports journalist Richard Lewis tweeted: “Great to see s1mple, someone who overcame his own youthful shortcomings to become the best CS player in the world, take the right approach to dealing with racists online. How many would have said nothing and played out the game?”

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Members of the Livestream Fail and Global Offensive subreddits also commended s1mple’s actions and ridiculed the offensive name.

One commenter, going under the username reginsso, posted: “S1mple really tries to be a role model these days. It’s amazing to me how much he changed, what a great guy, driven by the passion for the game. Hopefully, he fucking wins something significant soon”

“Imagine naming yourself that and thinking it was cool and edgy,” added another Redditor.

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After kicking the player, s1mple carried on with his stream, other teammates names still remained as he hasn’t quite taken up the option to use the features added with the March 6 update.

While he might not choose to alter enemy players names with the needed code, it might be something he considers if he, unfortunately, runs into another offensive player in the future. 

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