CSGO players no longer allowed to wear Crocs, according to new ESL rules

Robert Paul/Riot Games

CS:GO players will no longer be allowed to wear Crocs on stage at ESL events, according to new rule changes from the tournament organizer.

ESL FACEIT Group has announced changes to its rulebook ahead of the start of IEM Cologne 2023. Some of the changes are minor language clarifications, like replacing ESEA with FACEIT for the tournament platform, or moving on from CS:GO to simply CS as the esport is set to transition to CS2 sometime soon.

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ESL also added language that allowed the company to police team names. The tournament organizer can now reject team names under certain criteria.

But, the change that has caught everyone by surprise is ESL’s ban on Crocs, as first pointed out by Dust2.us. The tournament operator no longer sees the popular shoe brand as a closed-toe shoe and has thus been banned from event stages.

CS:GO players cannot wear Crocs at ESL events

The rule, under 4.3 Clothing, states that players need to ensure they are all in “equal colored team attire, long trousers and closed shoes” when playing at events.

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The rules now mention Crocs by name as an example of shoes that are not allowed.

However, it’s worth noting that Crocs have been banned at other esports events before ESL. In 2022, Evil Geniuses had to pause one of their League of Legends World Championship 2022 matches because one of their players was wearing Crocs.

The player, mid laner Joseph “jojopyun” Pyun was eventually fined for wearing “inappropriate footwear.”

According to the ESL rulebook, CS:GO players can also be fined a minimum of $250 for wearing the open-toed shoe.

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Many pros like to be as comfortable as possible during stage matches, so foam clogs are a popular option for some players. Other players also prefer to wear open-toed shoes, or slip-on shoes, so they can take them off while they are competing on stage.

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