CSGO player has their lucky stars align to hit a one-bullet ace


Every AWP player dreams of hitting a collateral in CS:GO. However, what if you landed an ace with just a single bullet? Well, imagine no more, as one player has managed to do the seemingly impossible and get a collateral ace.

Nothing is better than getting two birds with one stone as an AWPer. We’ve all seen the clips ⁠— from the “jumping cold” to whatever s1mple is doing nowadays ⁠— but never failed to get the right line-up.

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The AWP isn’t just limited to two kills with one bullet though. With the right setup, you can land an ace ⁠— if you nail a few headshots in a line. While you’re more likely to win the lottery than land it, one player has managed to do it.

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The clip, which shot to the top of the CS:GO subreddit, couldn’t have come at a more clutch time for the CT side either.

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Up 13-12 on Inferno, the terrorists ran up Banana to launch a fast assault on the B site. However, one AWP, and a couple of grenades, stood in their way.

With a double grenade stack, the attackers were chunked out heavily. However, even then, the ace wasn’t secured. Instead, with the wide swing, the AWPer managed to lay down the law on all five at the same time, nailing three headshots and four collaterals to get the one-bullet ace.

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While the AWPer was assisted by a good grenade stack from his teammate, the amount of luck you’d have to cash in to get all five enemies at the same time is incredible.

First, the terrorists executed a B rush, lining them up perfectly for their grenade stack. Not only that, they conga lined all the way up Banana, making the perfect wide swing possible. Then, all they had to do was not whiff the shot.

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The reaction was just as you’d expect ⁠— a lot of confused players wondering what the hell just happened. It’s probably the first time everyone in that lobby had seen such a play, and they’ll probably never see it again outside of the replay.

Reddit: shauryadevil
You’ll probably never see a kill feed like this ever again.

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While it might not be a true one-bullet ace to some purists, who could argue that the AWPer was assisted, the fact that it happened is remarkable. There’s no discounting how lucky this play is from start to finish.

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If you are preparing to launch an attack down Banana though, be prepared. A few copycats might be trying to mimic this AWPer’s success, and there’ll be nade stacks for days.

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