CSGO bot ‘toggles on’ to clutch must-win round for team in a 4v5


CS:GO’s AI can be the bane of every players’ existence in matchmaking. However, one special Bot Vladimir should be awarded for their incredible clutch, turning the game around for his team right at the death.

Bots are dreaded in CS:GO matchmaking, and for good reason. No, we’re not talking about bad teammates ⁠— but actual AI filling in for your human teammate who has disconnected.

They usually play at a much worse level, and you have to hope that they don’t get killed so you can revive as the bot and try and claw back the round. However, just sometimes, the bot can prove its worth by pulling out some clutch plays.

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None of these plays have proven more clutch than what happened to ‘Lassebender’ in a FACEIT match on April 26.

After being down a man for most of the game, Lassebender and their team were holding on for dear life with the match deadlocked at 14-14. With Bot Vladimir holding CT spawn on Train from B, not a lot of hope was left.

Bots in CS:GO can be the bane of your team, but in this one instance, they clutched up.

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However, as the T-side flanked through CT spawn to surprise the defenders, the AI kicked into action.

The first person went down to a quick spray down at chest height, while the next three filed on in one after the other. The bot traded up all three times, finishing the round with a 4k.

Both teams couldn’t believe what just happened, spamming match chat and voice comms with variations of “what the hell” after the clutch.

With match point secured, and the T-side economy in tatters, it was as easy as securing the 16th round with a final ditch attack.

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While we haven’t been able to source down the FACEIT match history ⁠— one would hope that after a clutch like that, they took home the victory.

The bot’s performance in that round was likely just a flash in the pan in an otherwise mediocre performance, but it was undeniably clutch.

While bots were buffed in deathmatch a few months ago, these changes weren’t pushed to other forms of matchmaking. However, maybe these AI’s did get a soft buff after all, considering how good this play was.