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CSGO January 13 patch notes – New in-game store, Studio changes, more

Published: 14/Jan/2020 10:53

by Matt Porter


Valve have officially revealed the patch notes for the January 13 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, which brings a new in-game store that allows players to buy coupons, and a number of changes to the map Studio.

Fans of the legendary first-person shooter are always eager to find out about the updates that developers Valve have made to the game, and while the January 13 patch doesn’t include any major changes to weapon balancing or how the economy works in the competitive modes. It does introduce a brand-new way for players to purchase stickers, though, and coupons to make your weapons stand out from the crowd.


There are some changes to the map Studio as well, which was introduced to the game in Operation Shattered Web, in attempts to make it more enjoyable for players, and have less frustrating bugs that have plagued it since its release.

ValvePlayers have a new way to purchase coupons in CS:GO.

The biggest change comes to the Coupons tab in the bottom-left of the game’s main menu, where players could previously choose from four randomly selected stickers or capsules to purchase using real money in their Steam account.

Following the January 13 update, however, Valve have now added a search bar to this section, allowing players to search for the exact sticker or capsule they are looking for, bypassing the need to use the Steam Marketplace. Before this update, the Marketplace was the only way to purchase specific stickers, but now fans of the game will be able to do some without exiting the client.


In the patch notes, Valve stated that this was an experimental feature, and could be the start of Valve moving away from the use of the Marketplace to purchase cosmetics, meaning players could theoretically buy skins, knives, and more, all from inside the game.

ValveStudio was updated in the January 13 update.

Studio also sees some changes in the new update, with Valve introducing the updates made to the map in the Steam Workshop. The middle of the map has been completely reworked to make it less cluttered, while streets on both the CT and T sides have been reduced in size, alongside with the upper portion of the B bomb site.


Some annoying bugs have also been addressed in this patch, with the ability to throw items into “unintended areas or out of the map” now gone, while issues with clipping in locations across the map have also been improved.

You can view the full patch notes below.

Full CS:GO patch notes for the January 13 update


  • Fixed Operation Shattered Web sometimes not appearing on main menu player profiles.
  • Added an experimental search bar allowing users to find and purchase any specific coupon item in game.
  • Guardian encouragement voice radio lines will no longer play when there are enemies still alive.
  • Fixed a regression with Storage Units in Perfect World version of the game.
  • Fixed a UI bug when activating some Bonus Rank XP items.


  • Studio has been updated with the latest changes from Steam Workshop:
  • Middle has had a complete re-design.
  • CT / T streets have been reduced in size.
  • CT Spawn have been reduced in size.
  • B Upper have been reduced in size.
  • T Spawn alley has been removed.
  • B connectors to middle have been updated.
  • 3D Skybox has been updated.
  • T spawn geometry has received minor update.
  • B Site catwalk has been widened and updated for smoother gameplay when dropping into site.
  • B site cover has been changed to give player better colour callouts.
  • Updated soundscapes.
  • Removed the ability to throw weapons into unintended areas / out of map.
  • Fixed many community bug reports.
  • Improved clipping across the map.