Complexity throw CSGO game away with massive 4v1 fail

. 3 years ago

Complexity’s CS:GO team made a massive mistake during an ECS match against ATK to lose a 1v4 for the game.

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In the 30th round of a game on Nuke, Complexity looked set to comfortably force overtime after securing a four-versus-one, but a major mistake cost them both the round and the game.

With four members of Complexity alive with full control of the upper bomb site, the situation looked impossible for ATK’s Johnny ‘JT’ Theodosiou, until a series of errors by the terrorist side gave him an opening.

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Having just cleaned up two kills, ‘dephh’ made his way into the A site, but as he opened the door he swung his knife, and accidentally stabbed his teammate in the back. At the exact same moment, JT appeared from the vents, and got a quick double-kill on the lined up and now weakened Complexity players.

ShahZam was stabbed in the back by his teammate.

To make matters even worse, dephh had been carrying the bomb, and with only seven seconds left on the clock the remaining Complexity members had to scramble were left without enough time to retrieve and plant it.

JT was able to make a quick escape through the door and shut it behind him, leaving him safe for long enough to run down the time and win the game, despite a last-second effort by Will ‘RUSH’ to chase the final kill.

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Complexity aren’t the first team to make a massive, game-losing mistake on Nuke in recent memory. The most infamous example came at the StarLadder Berlin Major, when G2 Esports lost the final round to Astralis with four players alive after they failed to defuse the bomb.

Unfortunately for Complexity, in this case the mistake proved rather costly, as ATK dominated the following game on Inferno to take the series 2-0 and advance to the grand final of the Series 4 ECS stage, where they will face Team Liquid.

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