Can ALEX lead Cloud9’s CSGO Colossus without ZywOo?

Alex captain colossus

As someone who split time between France and England growing up, the bilingual Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin had a choice to make when it comes to Counter-Strike, in which teams he would decide to join.

He chose to play for French rosters while always repping the Union Jack on all of his social media accounts. While playing for these French sides he led some of the best talents CSGO has to offer in their charge up the world rankings while also picking up some important lessons along the way.

Unfortunately, the demands of a jam-packed Counter-Strike calendar became too much and the IGL decided to step down from the team in early 2020. After six months on the sidelines, he was announced to be the first member of Cloud9’s colossus under GM HenryG and coach kassad, penning a deal worth $1.65 million.

Now the question on everyone’s lips is, will the IGL be able to restore C9’s Major-winning glory days? Or was ZywOo the reason behind his success?