CadiaN: "Holy !?%$ my team is so clutch!" | PGL Stockholm CSGO Major - Dexerto

CadiaN: “Holy !?%$ my team is so clutch!” | PGL Stockholm CSGO Major

Published: 4/Nov/2021 23:54 Updated: 5/Nov/2021 11:28

by Alan Bernal



The PGL Stockholm CSGO Major got off to an explosive start with CadiaN leading his Heroic side over Virtus.Pro in a three-game set.

CadiaN is impressed by his group’s form as the pseudo-home team in Sweden’s Avicii Arena had Danish fans erupting from their consecutive clutches against VP.

The LAN environment gave Heroic that edge it needed to shut down their opponents. As good as Heroic are, CadiaN knows the competition will only get better from here and expects even better performances from his team as they move on in the PGL Major playoffs.

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