Bizarre CSGO bug is turning certain players literally invisible

Alan Bernal

A strange Counter-Strike: Global Offensive glitch takes the issue of camouflage skins to another level with character models appearing to be completely invisible for some players.

The launch of Valve’s latest operation for the game, Shattered Web, brought custom skins known as Agents for players to acquire and use for their games. While the new additions were generally positive, their integration has been less than ideal.

There have been instances in the past where these skins appear nearly invisible to the other team, with some people suggesting that the skins are bad for the game since they give unintentional advantages to players using them.

csgo invisible skin on dust 2
There’s a CT model directly in front of the player on CT ramp.

But now the skins went from practically camouflaged to literally invisible as seen in a clip uploaded by Reddit user ‘TinTin_cs’ that saw them take enemy fire from an unseen source.

As the T-side in a casual game, TinTin was pushing through a smoke on Cat. After taking out a CT holding the site, the player took a peek into CT ramp.

Moments later the player was getting shot at from the same spot they were already looking at. After dying, the replay showed that there was a CT there for more than a few frames.

TinTin later showed that the player was actually using one of the new custom character models introduced in the Shattered Web update.

They also pointed out that a T-side teammate was actually shooting back at the player, so it seems like the CT was only invisible to them. While the event seemed to be isolated, more people started to report their encounters with the glitch.

“I saw something like this happen to me in an mm game,” user ‘Wuped’ said. “He was also using a custom model I saw him for a second then he just disappeared completely, killed me, then he reappeared but with default model.”

TinTin_cs captured an image of the skin the player was using.

It’s unknown what is exactly causing the skins to go invisible, but the incidents have been reported by more people.

There have been a few complaints about the visibility for some of the new skins, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Valve address the issues sooner than later.

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