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BANNED coach running CSGO academy? | First To 16 #1 w/ Richard Lewis

Published: 4/Nov/2020 19:39

by Alan Bernal


There’s a lot going on in the CS:GO landscape. To make sense of every happening inside and out of the game’s servers, Richard Lewis sat down with veteran David ‘DAVEY’ Stafford to examine the 6-10 man roster trend, Complexity’s new lineup, MiBR’s resurrection, and a lot more.

In the First to 16 format, the host and guest are only allowed 16 minutes to dissect all five topics on the board. This leaves absolutely no room for skirting topics, something both Lewis and DAVEY were happy to oblige.

The two were singing the same song when it came to 6+ people in a roster. DAVEY was convinced that the concept simply “doesn’t work in Counter-Strike,” even as more teams are starting to submit expanded lineups.


While the two found it to be somewhat plausible if the sixth player was a young talent that the team could insert for the sake of development, anything outside of that can’t be truly supported by CS:GO’s format.

Something they both could hop on was Complexity’s pickup of Justin ‘jks’ Savage after Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter. DAVEY is all in on the addition, calling it a “100% upgrade from oBo.”

This catapults Complexity’s prospects not because oBo was a lesser player, but because jks perfectly fits the Juggernauts’ formula to a T, according to DAVEY.

The entire conversation gives CSGO fans a chance to get rapid-fire analysis from veterans of the esport on the biggest talking points in the scene, including the situation with Forze’s banned coach, and it’s definitely worth a watch to catch up on the news.