Astralis & Vitality still better than NAVI | BLAST Global Finals review with Richard Lewis & Launders

Ava Thompson-Powell

With BLAST’s Global Finals at a close, big brains Richard Lewis and Mohan ‘Launders’ Govindasamy sit down to discuss the event and CSGO in 2021.

NAVI battled through the Lower Bracket to take the lion’s share of $1 million at BLAST Premier Global Finals, but does this cement them as the best Counter-Strike team in the world?

Richard and Launders discuss this and a variety of other topics, including Complexity’s issues and whether Justin ‘jks’ Savage is the man for the job. The pair also touches on Evil Geniuses’s need to improve, and how Vitality needs to do better than third place going forward into 2021.

The pair were originally sympathetic to Complexity’s struggles with Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev’s absence from the team due to major surgery, but now tend to lean towards being more critical of the team. As a replacement for Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, star-player jks was expected to do great things within the team – but does their still underwhelming performance highlight a deeper issue?

Comparatively, with over a month to draw up new team-tactics to improve their fighting chances, they believe that when it comes to Evil Geniuses, ultimately, we got the very same team of old – and their performance still left much to be desired.

For the full break-down of their views on BLAST and Vitality and NAVI’s performances, make sure to check out the full discussion in the video above.

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