FaZe ropz claims cheaters are ruining Counter-Strike 2 already

Shay Robson

Professional Counter-Strike player Robin ‘ropz’ Kool has claimed cheaters are already running CS2 just days after its official launch.

Counter-Strike 2 was finally released on September 27 after months of being in beta testing. With CS2, Valve completely overhauled the competitive ranked mode, renaming it and giving it the title ‘Premier’ while introducing a brand-new rating system, a global leaderboard, and adjusting match length to 12 rounds.

Despite engine updates, and a ton of new features improving gameplay, the game is already seeing its fair share of issues when it comes to cheaters. Immediately after Premier’s release in beta, the leaderboard was being dominated by cheaters.

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Nevertheless, Counter-Strike player Robin ‘ropz’ Kool has claimed CS2’s biggest issue is cheaters, and is even going as far as to say the game is being ruined.

Ropz says cheaters are ruining Counter-Strike 2

In an October 2 tweet, the FaZe Clan star claimed cheating is currently a huge problem, and suggested that Valve release a more invasive anti-cheat to combat the issue.

“Cheating is a big problem in Premier games currently,” he wrote. “I would be so down for an invasive AC for any kind of Ranked matches.”

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“Volvo pls I can give you my car, my house, access to my bank details, please just do it,” the pro pleaded.

While many agreed and would be open to an ‘invasive anti-cheat’, CS content creator Thour isn’t optimistic that Valve will introduce a new anti-cheat, noting how the developers have spent years

“I don’t think so they would get rid of their AI-based Anticheat on which they spent years however if its going to be useless after 100+ million data files, nothing can save CS,” Thour said.

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Hitting back, ropz said the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible before players begin to quit the game. “Yeah, I completely understand. But this needs to be fixed ASAP like actual ASAP. This will drive away players and make the game miserable for everyone,” ropz replied.

Instead of just improving the anti-cheat for Counter-Strike, Twitch star Lirik called on Valve to add an anti-cheat to the entirety of Steam — which would hopefully put a stop to cheaters once and for all.

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