Valve shuts down rumors about removing configs in Counter-Strike 2 – Update

Calum Patterson
cs2 config commands console

Valve has denied a rumor that they plan to remove config executable files from being used in Counter-Strike 2.

With CS:GO now replaced by Counter-Strike 2, the community is coming up against various challenges adjusting to all the changes.

One of the obvious focuses from Valve with CS2 has been making the experience for newer players more welcoming, but this has come at the cost of some of the tricks used by experienced players.

Notably, options like left-handed ViewModel and cl_bob values are missing, functionality that was previously accessible through the in-game developer console.

As frequent updates continue to roll out for CS2, speculation began that configs were on the chopping block, after SPUNJ and ropz both were convinced it was in Valve’s plans. Valve has since squashed these rumors.

Ropz says Valve will “99%” remove cfgs – Valve responds

During a discussion on HLTV’s Twitch channel, Counter-Strike caster Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill theorized that Valve is planning to remove configs. Configs allow players to retain their settings, command lists, and more, in a file, which can then be implemented with an execute command in-game.

This is used by players to transfer their settings between systems, or to execute a set of practice commands at once in a practice server, as well as various other uses.

“They [Valve] will do it,” SPUNJ said. “I am almost 100% certain. They want to make it so that when your settings are done when you go to another computer, your settings will carry across.”

In the chat, FaZe Clan player Robin ‘ropz’ Cool confirmed he had heard the same. “Yeah they are probably removing cfg’s which is quite f**ked, rumours are out,” he said.

Later in the stream, ropz confirmed again, stating “They will do it 99%, there is already “cloud” cfg files.”

This would mean that the cfg files, such as settings, would be saved to the cloud, rather than the local system, removing the need for settings configs.

Valve denies any plans to remove cfg/execs in CS2

Following the comments from SPUNJ and ropz, the community began to worry – prompting one to simply email a Valve developer, who, somewhat surprisingly, responded.

“Hello, there is a rumor going around that Valve will remove autoexec and config and I would like to ask you if this is true,” user @gamersdont asked.

The response came, “We don’t have any plans to remove the ability for users to create autoexecs or configs.”

The email was verified by reliable data miner and leaker gabefollower.

Removing autoexec configs would remove a host of functionality, such as binding keys to certain functions, for things like jump throws, radar zoom changes, and countless other options.