WWE’s Sasha Banks unveils incredible Sailor Moon cosplay at Royal Rumble

sailor-moon-cosplay-wwe-sasha-banksInstagram: @sashabankswwe / Viz Media

Sasha Banks marched down to the WWE Royal Rumble 2022 ring in style by cosplaying Usagi Tsukino’s alter-ego, Sailor Moon, after revealing that she’s a massive fan of the show.

Sasha Banks has been a fan of Sailor Moon since she was a child. In an interview with Comicbook, she revealed that both the character and the show have played a major role in her life.

“My first thing wasn’t Star Wars; it was Sailor Moon,” she said. “When I was maybe like five years old, I started watching Sailor Moon. It always came on at 6:00 AM. I had to watch it because I thought I was just like Serena.”

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“I was clumsy. I was always late for school. She taught me how to believe in myself, my powers, and the powers of the universe and the moon. Still, to this day, she is my favorite. I can’t believe how much she’s played a role in my life.”

Sailor Moon Crystal Usagi TsukinoNetflix / Toei Animation
Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic anime protagonists.

It was only a matter of time before Banks paid tribute to the character that helped shape her, and she did exactly that on January 29 at the WWE Royal Rumble 2022.

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Banks marched down into the ring wearing the iconic outfit in all its glory, from the giant red bow on a white crop top to her neon-blue blue skirt and red boots. She matched the hairstyle, too, although she kept it blue instead of blonde.

Sadly, she didn’t win the event. However, she won the hearts of Sailor Moon fans from all corners of the globe.

Banks isn’t the only WWE superstar who happens to be a diehard anime fan, gamer, and cosplayer. Zelina Vega is right up there with her, having cosplayed everything from League of Legends champions to Pokemon characters.

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It’s nice to see immensely popular celebrities like Sasha and Zelina flaunt their favorite cosplays in the spotlight. It gives their millions of fans and followers worldwide a taste of the magic and joy cosplayers can bring.

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