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Demon Slayer cosplayer prepares for battle as captivating Nezuko Kamado

Published: 29/Jan/2022 6:52 Updated: 29/Jan/2022 7:08

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Faritio, a talented cosplayer who describes herself as an ‘anime lover,’ captivated Demon Slayer fans with a stunning take on Nezuko Kamado, the ever-popular heroine from the series.

Demon Slayer Season 2 is underway. The sixteenth episode, titled ‘Defeating an Upper-Rank Demon,’ is set to air on January 16. It’s been an action-packed roller-coaster ride so far, with many more twists and turns yet to come.

But although episodes only air once per week, brilliant character cosplays are popping up left, right, and center. Some are new, while others resurface on the internet due to the sheer quality and attention to detail.


Nezuko Kamado is the character who pops up the most. It makes sense considering that she is the third most popular character in the show, according to users on MyAnimeList. Fans can’t get enough of the human-demon hybrid.

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The anime heroine travels in a box carried on her brother’s back.

Faritio’s Nezuko cosplay is flawless from head to toe. It’s got everything from the pink kimono, brown robe, and red and white checkered sash, to the orange waistband, pink sandals, white socks, and the pink ribbon in her hair.

She also three in the bamboo mouthpiece, although she isn’t holding it in her mouth. Instead, it’s hanging around her neck, which gives us more time to focus on other details like the long-flowing hair and radiant pink eyes.



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It isn’t Faritio’s first rodeo in the cosplay scene. She has brought many popular anime and game characters to life, including Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer, Seraphine from League of Legends, and more.

They all looked fantastic. However, her take on Nezuko Kamado might be her best one yet. The scenery of the photography, plus the immaculate cosplay, makes it one to admire for all Demon Slayer fans.