Steven Universe cosplayer saves the world as Crystal Gems Pearl & Lapis

Brent Koepp
pearl steven universe cosplay

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]A talented cosplayer went viral after bringing Steven Universe’s Pearl & Lapis to life. The artist’s stunning transformation into the Crystal Gems will leave fans of the Cartoon Network series in awe. 

Steven Universe made its debut on Cartoon Network in 2013. Its colorful cast of characters made it an instant hit with viewers, as millions connected with its story about a half-human boy named Steven who saves the world with his powers.

A talented artist transformed into two of the show’s most popular characters, Pearl and Lapis. Her incredibly accurate portrayal of the Crystal Gems duo brings the animation to life like never before.

pearl steven universe
Steven Universe made its debut in 2013 and featured popular character Pearl.

Steven Universe cosplayer transforms into Pearl & Lapis

Steven Universe came from the mind of creator Rebecca Sugar. The show takes place in the fictional town of Beach City, and follows Steven and the Crystal Gems –alien warriors who act as the guardians of Earth.

Cosplayer ‘leiracosplays‘ transformed into popular Gem Pearl in a photo posted on July 6. The artist stuns with her creative take on the heroine, mirroring her pink hair and blue and yellow starred shirt. In the description, she details that she cleverly used highlighter capture the characters look.

In another shot shared on Instagram, Leira also transformed in the blue Gem Lapis. The artist perfectly depicts the character’s striking blue hair and eyes, while wearing her signature cropped top and skirt.

Steven Universe ran for five seasons before coming to an emotional end in January 2019. The series has been overwhelmingly praised by critics and fans for its diverse cast of characters and representation. Following the finale, the show received a feature length film.

The animation also got an epilogue titled ‘Future’, which followed the world after the events of the main plot. Those wanting to experience Steven & the Gem Stones’ epic journey can watch all episodes on streaming services Hulu and HBO Max.