My Hero Academia’s Froppy leaps to life in amazing cosplay

Matt Porter

A My Hero Academia cosplayer captured the spirit of the anime’s frog-like hero Froppy with an incredibly accurate version of one of the franchise’s most popular characters.

The anime follows the students of U.A. High School and Izuka Midorya, as he attempts to harness the power of ‘One For All’, passed down through generations as he and his classmates train to become pro heroes, using their special superpowers known as Quirks to keep villains at bay.

One of the students in U.A.’s Class 1-A is Tsuyu Asui, a shy but lovable hero-in-training who’s quirk gives her the same abilities as those of a frog, allowing her to stick to walls, jump long distances, camouflage herself, and use her elasticated tongue to wrap up enemies trying to cause mayhem on the streets of Japan.

With Froppy capturing the hearts of My Hero Academia fans around the world, it’s no surprise that many want to cosplay and show their appreciation, and Kawaielli is the latest to show off their incredible take on the character.

Froppy wearing her hero attire in My Hero Academia.
Froppy has become one of the most popular characters in the anime.

Kawaielli’s version of Froppy is truly incredible, with even the smallest details accounted for. The Russian cosplayer’s green hair is parted exactly like Asui’s, including the pointed fringe that comes over her forehead and sits on her nose, while the green line that snakes across her face is also present, following the same curvy line that the hero wears in the head of battle.

One of the most recognizable parts of Froppy‘s look is the giant gold goggles she wears on top of her head, and Kawaielli went all out on those. They even added the frog-like eye details to the lenses that she sports in Season 4, as she undertakes Hero-Work Studies alongside Uravity and Nejire Hado at Dragoon Hero Ryukyu’s agency.

Every detail is perfect in this cosplay, with the Russian showing off a perfect version of Froppy’s bodysuit, and the same white gloves that the hero wears to help her grip to buildings and objects like making the most of her quirk.

My Hero Academia is currently half-way through it’s fourth season, which kicked off on October 12, with the students of Class 1-a taking on the Shie Hassaikai Yakuza and a group of the League of Villian’s finest as they try to balance their studies with the realities of being a professional Hero.

Episodes are simulcasted every Saturday in both Japanese and English, meaning those who previously had to wait weeks for dubbed versions of the show get to enjoy them at the time of their release.

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