My Hero Academia cosplayer’s Ochako Uraraka takes gold at Sports Festival

Matt Porter
Cosplayer Taiga alongside Uravity in My Hero Academia.

A My Hero Academia cosplayer brought Ochaco Uraraka to life, showing off her perfect rendition of the gravity-defying hero during U.A’s Sports Festival. 

My Hero Academia grabbed audiences around the world when the anime adaptation debuted in 2016, with fans immediately hooked by the characters and stories, watching as a group of students learned to become superheroes, using their powers known as ‘Quirks’ for good.

The story follows Izuku Midoriya as he learns to harness ‘One For All’, a legendary power passed from person to person through generations, but the shows other characters certainly captured the imagination of viewers, including Uraraka, whose power lets her ignore the laws of gravity and make objects, or herself, float.

The girls of Class 1-A sporting cheerleading outfits at the U.A. Sports Festival.
The Class 1-A girls were tricked into wearing cheerleader outfits.

MHA Cosplay brings Ochaco Uraraka to life

While many imagine Uraraka, who uses the name Uravity when fighting villains, in her combat gear, cosplayer taiga765 decided to take a different route, showing off her version of the hero-in-training in the U.A. High School cheerleading costume, something which Minoru Mineta tricked her into wearing following her elimination from the Sports Festival.

Taiga has captured every detail of the outfit, showing off a flawless version of the hero in the cheerleading costume, sporting the orange and green colors with the initials “U.A.” emblazoned across her top.

The cosplayer also unveiled a version of Uraraka in her school uniform, complete with her signature bob, and the instantly-recognizable blazer which signifies that students are part of the most prestigious hero-training school in the world.

My Hero Academia is currently in its fourth season, with fans excited to see the continuation of Class 1-A’s incredible story as they attempt to learn the skills needed to become true heroes, all while battling villains and the Shie Hassaikai Yakuza group.

For the first time ever, the anime is being simulcast in both Japanese and English, meaning fans who watch the dubbed version don’t have to wait for it to be voiced-over when the series concludes.

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