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My Hero Academia cosplayer hops into battle as jaw-dropping Froppy

Published: 16/Jan/2022 7:11 Updated: 16/Jan/2022 3:21

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Thalia, a masterful cosplayer who has pulled off hundreds of breathtaking transformations throughout the years, amazed My Hero Academia fans with her epic take on Froppy.

My Hero Academia fans simply can’t get enough of Froppy. Despite having a less prominent role in the latest season, she still polls as one of the most popular characters in the franchise in both Japan and the US.

Some adore the fact that she’s essentially an adorable humanoid version of a frog. Others are more drawn to her keen intellect and blunt personality, which can sometimes lead to hilarious interactions with other characters.


Froppy speaking in My Hero Academia
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Froppy is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

Thalía, also known as Taliverse on Instagram, is a popular content creator and cosplayer with more than 50,000 followers. She’s covered everything from Darling in the Franxx characters to Demon Slayer characters and more.

But while they’re all incredible in their own way, her eye-grabbing take on Froppy has been getting lots of attention on social media, and it’s easy to see why. Everything is on point, including the hair, makeup, bodysuit, and goggles.

She added an elongated tongue using after effects to make it even more accurate. It was a nice touch, especially considering how often Froppy uses it in the show. It’s an integral part of her kit, but it can be challenging to pull off.



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Thalía never fails to impress us with her fantastic cosplays. We can’t wait to see what else she’s got planned in the future, too.

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