My Hero Academia cosplayer embraces inner villain as devilish Himiko Toga

. 4 months ago
IG: @janevindom / Viz Mediaa

My Hero Academia cosplayer Jane Vindom let her inner villain shine through by transforming into Himiko Toga, the adorable yet devilish member of the League of Villains.

Despite her innocent look and cheerful demeanor, Himiko Toga is one of the most twisted villains in My Hero Academia. She’s obsessed with extracting blood from people, which is what fuels her quirk, Transform.

It allows her to transform into a physical lookalike of anyone whose blood she ingests, and she can even copy their voice. The more of a person’s blood she consumes, the longer she can disguise herself as them.

Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia.
Bone Inc
Himiko Toga is a vicious villain with a taste for blood.

Jane Vindom, is a veteran cosplayer with many epic transformations under her belt. In October 2020, she left fans speechless after turning into Froppy, setting the bar high. However, now she’s done it again as Toga.

Jane’s cosplay has got it all — from the bloodstained schoolgirl uniform to the sharp nails, messy blonde hair buns, piped black mask, green utility belt, and more. She even included a box of knives strapped on her thighs.

Jane’s take on Toga is one for the ages. It could easily be mistaken for a live-action movie version of the character, especially with the stylish backdrop she’s posing in front of, which looks like a scene from the show.

My Hero Academia is currently in-between seasons. The sixth one is expected to kick off sometime in 2022, however an official date hasn’t been confirmed yet

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