My Hero Academia cosplayer declares “I am here!” as perfect All Might

. 9 months ago
Instagram: Leon Chiro / Funimation

My Hero Academia character All Might embodies the positive spirit of the show. After all, he is the Symbol of Peace. Italian cosplayer Leon Chiro has brought that passion from U.A. High School to real life with an impressive cosplay of the hero-turned-teacher.

Toshinori Yagi, better known by his hero name All Might, was once the world’s Symbol of Peace. A former number one pro hero, he is now a teacher at the U.A. High School, helping serve the show’s many protagonists (and antagonists, at times).

However, he holds his successor Izuku Midoriya close to his heart, handing over the One For All quirk after retiring as the world’s greatest hero.

It’s quite an inspirational story all things considered, and comes with a rather inspiring outfit to match. Decked out in a head-to-toe body suit that screams superhero, All Might is one hell of a posterboy for My Hero Academia.

All Might standing with Deku
All Might is an inspirational figure in My Hero Academia, taking Deku under his wing.

We’ve seen plenty of female cosplayers put their own spin on the muscleman, but Italian cosplayer Leon Chiro has gone for the straight and narrow approach in his scintillating All Might cosplay that is turning heads.

He has pulled out the costumes a few times since debuting it, and his latest photoshoot takes inspiration from All Might charging up his One For All skill in the show.

Everything about Leon’s cosplay is absolutely stunning though. Sure, the outfit is amazing ⁠— the skin tight blue, red, and white leotard looks stunning ⁠— but the make-up on his face to imitate the anime art style is off the charts.


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“I gotta say this is one of my favorite All Might photos of all time and today I really needed to remind myself to keep smiling, no matter what! Just like a true pillar,” he said on Instagram.

If you’re looking for some cosplay inspiration and need positive encouragement, embodying a character like All Might and sticking by Leon’s words is a sure-fire way to smash out your next project.

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