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My Hero Academia cosplayer’s female All Might is ultra impressive

Published: 2/Sep/2020 11:27

by Matt Porter


A talented My Hero Academia cosplayer has put her own unique twist on the show’s iconic hero All Might, bringing the #1 pro hero to life with a female twist. 

My Hero Academia made it’s explosive debut back in 2016, quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular anime series of all time, capturing the imaginations of viewers worldwide with the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without superpowers known as quirks.


Desperate to become a pro hero, a chance encounter with the #1 pro hero All Might changes his life forever, with the ‘Symbol of Peace’ choosing Deku to be his successor, gifting him the legendary quirk known as ‘One For All,’ and becoming his mentor and teacher at U.A. High School.

All Might standing with Deku
All Might took Midoriya under his wing.

All Might truly is the symbol of peace, with villains terrified of his immense power, able to take down enemies and criminals with ease. Known for all always having a smile on his face, All Might faces trials and tribulations throughout the series, as his body grows weak after years of combat but still pulls out all the stops when the world is in danger, instantly making him a fan favorite.


It’s no surprise that many choose to cosplay as the iconic character, with Instagram user ‘littlemscosplay’ showing off her incredible take on All Might, putting a unique female twist on the hero. The two strands of hair that stick straight up into the air remain, but his yellow hair has turned into long locks that fall across her shoulders, while a red cape billows out behind her, making it look like she just landed at the scene.

The outfit is incredible too, creating a perfect remake of the heroes blue bodysuit, complete with yellow gauntlets and boots, while the picture itself is a perfect pose, with her fist on the ground on a cracked piece of pavement, making it look like she has used her incredible Detroit Smash move to cause the damage, making this one of the best All Might cosplays we’ve seen.

My Hero Academia originally made its 2014 debut as a manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, later finding worldwide success with the anime adaptation by studio Bones.

The fourth season aired its final episode in April. For everything we know so far about its fifth season return, check out our guide here. Those wanting to catch up can watch all episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Dragon Ball Super fans furious as new manga chapter rehashes Cell Games

Published: 13/Oct/2020 20:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Dragon Ball fans who have been watching the anime and reading the manga for years were furious after a preview for Chapter 65 showed protagonist Goku making the same mistake he made in the Cell Games years ago.

The Dragon Ball Super manga has been doing its own thing with the anime on hiatus and the Broly movie now a distant memory. Notably, Toyotarou, has taken over as the official artist for Super working with series creator Akira Toriyama.


While the newest arc has been relatively well-received by fans with its new villain, Moro, proving to be quite the adversary, the previews for Chapter 65 have left fans furious.

With Goku now able to tap into his most powerful form in Ultra Instinct on a whim thanks to the sacrifice of his mentor Merus, the Saiyan began dominating the arc’s nemesis.


However, with Moro on the ropes, Goku has repeated a major mistake he made during the Cell Games in Dragon Ball Z – giving the villain a Senzu Bean and healing him. This time, it was under the condition that Moro would turn himself into the Galactic Patrol.

According to translator Dragon Ball Hype, after taking the bean, Moro rushes towards Goku with the intent of killing him.

This is a bit of a retread of the Cell Games where, after retiring from his fight against Cell, Goku gave the android a Senzu Bean to recover before he fought his son, Gohan.


The fact that Goku has made this mistake again and that Toyotarou even wrote the story like this has many fans scratching their heads.

Notable Dragon Ball YouTuber Geekdom101 noted that while he had advised fans to normally wait until the rest of a chapter before passing judgment, this mistake was inexcusable.

“After thinking it over, there’s absolutely no excusing that decision. It’s stupid and illogical and the development is on a hamster wheel. Same old sh*t,” he wrote.


Others are even quitting the series. “I’m officially done with Dragon Ball Super,” a now former fan wrote.

“This arc is ruined now!” another angry fan remarked.


It’s always possible that Toyotarou has thrown fans for a loop and this is all part of some big twist, but for the time being, even the most loyal of Dragon Ball supporters seem to be put off by these story decisions.