Life is Strange cosplayer brings Max Caulfield to life

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer alexya.cos next to Max Caulfield from Life is Strange with the Life is Strange logo

A talented Life is Strange cosplayer has done a remarkable job of bringing the game’s much loved protagonist Max Caulfield to life, in a series of shots that capture the essence of the character perfectly.

Dontnod’s Life is Strange was a hit when it released back in 2015, and has certainly kept hold of its loyal following to this day.

The game follows the story of an 18-year-old photography student named Max Caulfield, who discovers she has the ability to rewind time with her mind, bringing her childhood best-friend along for the ride to find out the secrets of Arcadia Bay, and rekindle their relationship.

Life is Strange's Max faces a wall of photographs
The game was a huge hit for its compelling plot and characters.

While a second game was made that focused on a new set of captivating characters, none have stayed in people’s hearts longer than Max and Chloe, remaining cherished characters even five years after the release of the first game.

Instagram cosplayer alexya.cos has recreated her take on Max, and has incorporated a huge amount of detail into the atmospheric shot.

The wall behind her is full of significant stills from the game, placed on white paper to emulate the look of a polaroid picture, just like Max’s camera in the game.

In the gaps are adorable blue origami butterflies, the symbolic emblem of the butterfly effect in the game, along with graffiti like “Chloe was here.”

The cosplay itself is incredibly accurate too, short brown locks frame her face with light freckles dotted on her cheeks. She sports Max’s baby pink Jane Doe tee with a simple hoodie and jeans, a perfect recreation of Max’s simple, but now iconic college look.

Over the top of the pictures it reads “this action will have consequences” alongside the butterfly logo, a phrase players will know all too well.

Overall, alexya.cos did an incredible job at innovating on Max’s simple look, and her incorporation of little details from the original game certainly make for an interesting cosplay for Life is Strange fans.

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