Legend of Korra cosplayer saves humanity as the next Avatar

legend of korra cosplayNickelodeon / Instagram: @leiraplays

A talented cosplayer has shared an amazing take on Korra from the hit sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s so good, it’s as though she’s bended her way out of the TV screen and into real life.

Released in 2012, The Legend of Korra continues the story of the Avatar, and sees the successor – a 17-year-old girl from the Southern Water Tribe – learning to restore peace and balance in a now-modernized world. While Aang was still alive, he created a sovereign state called Republic City where benders and non-benders can live in harmony. Though it grew into chaos after his passing.

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The series has won awards for its themes surrounding terrorism, race, sexual orientation, and social issues, and boasts a fanbase just as vocal as its predecessor’s – which includes cosplayers. One such fan decided to become Korra with a getup that’s a dead ringer for the character, and it’s brilliant.

asami bolin mako and korra forming team avatarNickelodeon
Korra befriends Bolin, Mako, and Asami in Republic City and they become Team Avatar.

Amazing Avatar Korra cosplay

Cosplayer ‘leiracosplays‘ is the genius behind the incredible work. Not only does she make an uncanny Korra, she’s also shared outfits based on popular characters from The Last Airbender such as Azula and Ty Lee.

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In her latest take, she nails the protagonist’s casual pose from the show, while dressed in her signature Water Tribe getup. It consists of a high-collared blue sleeveless shirt with navy pants and a brown skirt of sorts.

Leira even included the arm and wrist wraps that the heroine wears, finishing off the look with an accurate hairstyle complete with the blue pieces that frame the sides of her face, and stunning contact lenses that make the eyes pop.

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To bring the costume to life, the artist also posted a video of her in the cosplay while lipsyncing along to an argument between Korra and Tahno. In Book One, she joins the Future Industries Fire Ferrets as a pro bender, and is pitted up against the White Falls Wolfbats.

“You know, if you’d like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons,” he says, as Leira raises her eyebrows fiercely.

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“You want to go toe-to-toe with me, pretty boy?” she mouths, before the sound of the heroine’s polar bear dog Naga comes crashing into the scene to Tahno’s horror.

If this has given you the urge to watch The Legend of Korra, then you’re in luck. Netflix announced it’s going to be joining Avatar on the platform on August 14th.

The streaming service is also making a live action version of The Last Airbender. For everything we know so far about it, check out our guide here.

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