Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer paralyzes enemies as Ty Lee

by Brent Koepp


An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral when she shared her incredible take on Ty Lee's iconic beach outfit. The artist became the real life version of the deadly acrobat with her insanely accurate re-creation.

The Last Airbender has become a cultural phenomena, as its mature themes and epic fantasy world has connected with millions. The series follows a monk named Aang who can control the elements of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

To celebrate the show's recent addition to Netflix, a talented cosplayer has shared her true-to-life costume of popular character Ty Lee. Her faithful portrayal of the lovable chi-blocking villain will leave fans feeling stunned.


The popular animation made its debut in 2005 on Nickelodeon.

Cosplayer flips into battle as Ty Lee

Throughout the story, Avatar Aang and his friends are ruthlessly hunted down by the Fire Nation's Princess Azula. However, the deadly firebender becomes even more terrifying when she recruits acrobat Ty Lee who can chi block her enemies into paralysis.

Cosplayer Leira 'leiracosplays' shared her jaw dropping transformation into the character, and chose to portray her swimming outfit from Book 3's popular episode, The Beach.  The artist posted a side-by-side shot comparison to show how accurate the depiction is to the animation.


Incredibly, Leira perfectly re-creates the Ty Lee's signature stretching stance from the show, which she learned from her acrobat training. Her outfit mirrors the one in the episode, including her white skirt which has red lining.

Channeling the villain's bubbly personality, the cosplay artist struck an adorable pose that captures the acrobat's outgoing energy. The picture also shows how faithful the outfit is to the series – it even has the Fire Nation symbol on her swimsuit.


This isn't the first time the cosplayer has dressed up as an Avatar character. On Instagram, she also shared her work depicting Northern Water Tribe Princess Yue, who is a pivotal character in Book 1's season finale. Just like Ty Lee, her portrayal of the heroine is mind-blowing.

The Last Airbender celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier in 2020, and has seen an explosion of popularity after being re-released on Netflix. Old and new fans are re-discovering the groundbreaking animation after its addition in May.

The streaming service also announced in 2018 that they are bringing the series back to life with a live-action remake helmed by creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. For everything we know so far about the project, check out our guide here.