League of Legends TikTok cosplayer becomes Jinx to celebrate Arcane finale

TikTok cosplay arcane JinxNetflix, Riot / Instagram: rocioaldanaortiz_cosplay

A League of Legends TikTok cosplayer has crafted a seriously impressive Jinx cosplay in celebration of the finale of Netflix’s Arcane series… but that’s not all she has in store.

League of Legends continues to push farther and farther to expand its platform and brand recognition in 2021.

Riot Games announced a Netflix show called ‘Arcane’ that debuted in November 2021, featuring many classic characters from the MOBA. The studio has also expanded into some other side projects via Riot Forge.

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To celebrate Arcane’s upcoming finale, a TikTok cosplayer recreated one of the show’s main characters – the fiery rocketeer, Jinx. The results are nothing short of stunning.

TikTok cosplay of Jinx from League of Legends

League of Legends anime Arcane coming to Netflix in 2021.Riot Games
Jinx is an icon in League of Legends and one of Arcane’s stars.

TikTok user rocioaldanaortizcosplay has blown up for her impressive array of cosplays, amassing a massive 199,000+ followers in the process.

Her repertoire includes several video game characters, including Valorant’s Viper and many more. But, her latest creation of Jinx from League of Legends has gone especially viral.

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With nearly 2 million views at the time of writing and a massive 317,000 likes, this Jinx cosplay teaser does well to honor the LoL and Arcane superstar.

While the TikTok cuts off just before we are able to see the cosplayer’s face, it’s clear that her attention to detail in making the creation come to life is exquisite.

This is true of her other cosplays as well, as the creator has gone viral for another League of Legends character, Katarina, in an equally impressive video that has racked up over 1.3 million views.

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Arcane is still available to watch on Netflix if you haven’t already checked it out.

Its resounding success has sparked Riot to pursue more in the animated television market and has even affected the League of Legends meta due to its influence.

The finale will debut on November 20, so get your Piltover popcorn ready and maybe even dress up in a Jinx cosplay of your own to celebrate the occasion!