Jujutsu Kaisen cosplayer hits nail on the head as Nobara Kugisaki

Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara Kugi CosplaysakiViz Media / Instagram: Akemy Sama

Akemy Sama is a perfectionist when it comes to her cosplays, and she absolutely nailed her take on Nobara Kugisaki, the hammer-wielding tritagonist in the smash hit anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

Like most anime derived from manga featured in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jujutsu Kaisen has an interesting mix of good and evil characters that come in all shapes, sizes, and power levels.

Nobara Kugisaki is a first-year jujutsu sorcerer student at Tokyo Jujutsu High and one of the main characters alongside Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro. And like them, she’s no slouch on the battlefield.

In addition to having high reserves of cursed energy, Nobara’s main jujutsu sorcery technique involves her using jujutsu through a set of tools, including a hammer, nails, and a straw doll.

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Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen animeMAPPA / Crunchyroll
Nobara Kugisaki is a powerful sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Akemy Sama is a massive fan of the show, as evidenced by her viral take on Ryomen Sukuna, the sadistic King of the Curses that lives inside the show’s main protagonist, Yuji Itadori – hence the uncanny resemblance.

But this time, she transformed into the confident and brash Nobara, and to surprise, it turned out great.

“This was one of the cosplays that I didn’t even think I would do so soon, but @oni.cosplaystore gave me a great opportunity to debut it in style with the wig they sent me already styled!” she said. “I hope you like it because I love Nobara so much!”

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We absolutely loved it. It’s got every part of the jujutsu school uniform down pat, from the dark blue button-down jacket to the long matching skirt, black stockings, brown shoes, and brown belt that holds her tools. And the hammer crafted by @kaigam.cos rounded it off perfectly.

We’re not the only ones who loved it. 7,500 mindblown fans also liked her post and flooded it with endless praise.

Akemy Sama has 35,000 followers on Instagram. It’s because her cosplays are out of this world. If you’d like to support her, you can do so on ko-fi by clicking here.

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