Jujutsu Kaisen cosplayer goes viral as true-to-life Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen anime next to cosplayerCrunchyroll / MAPPA / Instagram: @mk_ays

A Jujutsu Kaisen cosplayer made waves on Instagram after sharing her mind-blowing Nobara Kugisaki outfit. The artist’s stunning recreation of the anime heroine will leave fans in awe.

Making its manga debut in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine in 2018, Jujutsu Kaisen captured the imaginations of readers with its thrilling story about negative emotions and curses. The series became a worldwide hit when it was adapted into an anime in 2020.

Popular cosplayer mk_ays went viral online after celebrating the show by transforming into beloved character Nobara Kugisaki. She looks so much like the fierce heroine, it’s almost as if she smashed her way out of the screen and into real life.

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Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen animeMAPPA / Crunchyroll
The 2020 anime has exploded in popularity.

The anime mainly centers around protagonist Yuji Itadori who joins the Occult Research Club at his school in Sendai. The story eventually opens up to a vibrant cast of characters such as newly trained sorcerer, Nobara.

Prolific cosplayer Mk Ays made waves on social media, after uploading a series of jaw-dropping photos depicting the heroine. In an April 2021 tweet, the artist shared her true-to-life take on Kugisaki.

In two up-close shots, Ays showed off how she was able to accurately capture the character’s signature look. Perfectly mirroring her short bob haircut and piercing orange eyes, it’s almost as if the anime protagonist has come to life!

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In another post on Instagram, the artist gave us a full look at her Jujutsu Kaisen costume. In the left photo, the cosplay star wields a prop hammer which Kugisaki uses to exercise Cursed Energy. Wearing the heroine’s iconic navy blue buttoned-up school uniform and black leggings, she recreated one of Nobara’s poses from the anime by crossing her legs.


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Those looking to check out Jujutsu Kaisen are in luck, as the hit series can now be watched on popular streaming services Crunchyroll and HBO Max.

The occult-themed thriller can also be read in its manga form, which is available digitally through the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.

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