JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplayer wows as Stone Ocean’s Jolyne Cujoh

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Shueisha / Instagram: @shirogane_sama

A talented cosplayer gave fans a peek at JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s next anime protagonist Jolyne Cujoh with a mind blowing costume which went viral. The perfect portrayal brings the main character of the Stone Ocean arc to life.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure made its debut in 1987, and is one of the most influential properties of all time in Japan. The series follows the Joestar family, with each arc focusing on a new descendant in the lineage.

Prolific cosplayer ‘Shirogane Sama’ transformed into the franchise’s part six hero Jolyne Cujoh. Her insanely detailed costume had fans going wild, and is the perfect way to get hyped for the upcoming adaptation of Stone Ocean.

Weekly Shonen Jump / Shueisha
Jolyne Cujoh will star as the new protagonist in the anime adaption of Stone Ocean.

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Jolyne Cujoh brought to life with cosplay

Stone Ocean takes place in Florida in 2011, and begins with Jolyene unjustly being arrested and sent to the Green Dolphin St. prison. She soon finds out she’s been set up, and is entangled in a mysterious plot.

Cosplayer Shirogane Same shared her jaw-dropping true-to-life outfit of Cujoh on social media. Teaming up with photographer ‘’ and ‘jkyle_ph,’ she captured the anime’s vibrant art style to perfection.

The JoJo heroine has become an icon in the fashion world, as her neon colored look is striking. The skilled artist nailed the character’s quirky attire, re-creating her popular spider-web patterned outfit.

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Shirogane’s costume is full of detail – she even created Jolyne’s iconic Butterfly dagger symbol which sits at the center of her chest. Striking a pose with handcuffs around her wrists, this truly feels like the Joestar heroine has jumped from out of the screen.

The cosplayer shared another photo of her work, this time a close-up shot that truly shows how accurate her depiction is. From her neon soaked lipstick, to her black and green twin bun hairstyle, this truly is the best cosplay we’ve seen of Cujoh.

Fans of the series lost it when they saw the artist’s jaw-dropping JoJo portrayal, such as user ‘rogarcia1996′ who exclaimed, “Holy s**t! Amazing cosplay.” Another agreed, and complemented how accurate she looked by simply stating “Jolyne irl.”

Fans of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure were blown away by the cosplayer.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has never been more popular, as the series wrapped up its animated adaptation of Golden Wind in July 2019. Now all eyes are on the upcoming Stone Ocean anime.

As of now there has so far been no announcement of when new episodes will air. But a safe guess is summer 2021. Those wanting to catch up in time can watch episodes on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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