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Female Demon Slayer cosplayer becomes Tanjiro Kamado in chilling take

Published: 21/Dec/2019 19:20

by Brent Koepp


A skilled cosplayer transformed herself into Demon Slayer’s protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, and brought the character to life with a blood-chillingly accurate costume.

Demon Slayer is the breakout anime of 2019, as the story about a teenager’s quest to avenge his family after they are brutally slayed by demons, and to cure his sister from her curse has connected with millions.

An incredible cosplayer shared her jaw-dropping take on the show’s tragic protagonist, and had fans going wild as she brought him to life with her amazing photography that looks like a scene straight out of the series.

Ufotable / Aniplex of AmericaThe show’s protagonist is on a quest to avenge his family.

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Cosplayer becomes Tanjiro Kamado

The anime begins with Tanjiro Kamado’s life being thrown into chaos, as his beloved family is attacked and killed by demons, and his sister is turned into one of the creatures through a curse.

On a quest to avenge his family, the protagonist takes up the sword with his purpose to become a Demon Slayer which cosplayer ‘phantomiris‘ captured perfectly as she posed with water drops on her weapon.

Tanjiro’s fighting style is based on water attacks, making this cosplay all the more amazing as her collaboration with ‘kurara.dab.art‘ paid off, with the skilled photographer taking the shot at just the right moment.


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The talented cosplayer also recreated the character’s wood box accessory, which he wears on his back to hide his demon-turned sister as they travel around.

Iris nails Tanjiro’s short hair style, and the unique birthmark that is on the left side of his forehead, and breathed life into him with her insanely accurate recreation of his green and black checkered yukata.

It’s simply crazy just how much she looks like the character, especially with the intricately detailed patterns on her costume. Not only did she perfectly recreate the anime character’s outfit, she looks exactly like him with her dark red eyes.


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Demon Slayer originally released as a manga in 2016 and still ongoing, although the anime adaptation by Ufotable made it a world-wide phenomenon in 2019.

Despite only just releasing this year, the Demon-based anime has exploded in popularity, and has fans on the edge of their seats waiting for more. The entire first season can be watched in its entirety on Crunchyroll.