Darling in the Franxx cosplayer is ready for battle as awesome Zero Two

Matt Porter

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]A talented Darling in the Franxx fan has brought the anime’s main character to life in stunning detail, showing off a perfect recreation of heroine Zero Two.

Darling in the Franxx made its worldwide debut back in 2018 as a joint collaboration between Clover Works and Studio Trigger, and immediately became a smash hit with viewers across the globe.

The show features an intense post-apocalyptic story about the human race defending themselves in their final stand against giant monsters known as klaxosaurs, using giant mechs to give themselves a fighting chance against the beasts that are wiping out the remaining human population.

Zero Two drinking in Darling in the Franxx.
Zero Two is the deuteragonist of sci-fi anime series Darling in the Franxx, and was designed as the show’s mascot character.

Living in cities known as ‘plantations,’ humanity makes a last-gasp attempt to fight against the klaxosaurs by artificially creating children known as parasites, with the sole purpose of controlling the massive mechs known as Franxx in the war to wipe the creatures out for good. While there are many skilled pilots, perhaps none are as talented as Zero Two, with Instagram user ‘dafnebelleduque‘ showing off her love for the character with an awesome cosplay.

Zero Two has two recognizable outfits of her own, but Cristina has decided against recreating her military dress uniform, choosing instead to show the character in her iconic pistil suit, a bright red bodysuit with white accents running across her torso and legs.

Of course, no Zero Two cosplay is complete without her patented pink hair, and Cristina made sure to include the small red horns that are perched on top of her head, a constant reminder that she is part-klaxosaur.

The anime was well received by both Japanese and European audiences, although some felt that the final battle between the humans and the alien species known as VIRM was a little rushed.

There are currently no plans for a second series of Darling in the Franxx, so fans of the anime will have to make do with the manga for the time being.