Call of Duty cosplayers pack a punch as fan-favorite Warzone Operators

Brad Norton
Warzone cosplayerActivision / Instagram: maryydixon

Two popular Warzone Operators have been brought to life in staggering detail thanks to a split-image photoshoot from a Russian cosplaying duo.

Modern Warfare provided dozens of unique character skins to pick and choose from in Warzone. With a wide range of Operators and a number of variants for each, you’re free to pick your own style in Verdansk.

The introduction of Black Ops Cold War’s unique Operators only added more options to the mix. Taking on some of the most popular picks, Russian cosplayers ‘maryydixon’ and ‘syst3m_3rr0r’ settled on Mara and Nikto respectively.

Both were available in Season One of the Modern Warfare cycle and both come equipped ready for combat. With sturdy armor and some big weapons by their side, here’s how the two costume designs came out.


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While these particular Operators have an assortment of unique looks, the cosplay collab showed them both in their original form. Mara’s exact outfit has been recreated with every bell and whistle attached.

From her many gadget pouches to her dark eyeliner, no stone was left unturned with this costume. Even on the finer levels, you can see scratches and marks on her equipment as to show her experience in the field.

For Nikto’s design, absolutely no skin is made visible, just like his in-game counterpart. There’s some form of armor covering the cosplayer from head to toe.


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Whether it’s his mask or his thick sleeves, he’s ready for just about anything Verdansk could throw at him.

Together, the duo posed in the exact way they appear in Warzone. Angling their weapons in the same direction and matching their expressions, this collaborative shot brought the Coalition and the Allegiance together like never before.


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From Resident Evil to Rainbow Six, this pro cosplay duo has covered a variety of iconic characters with the same level of detail. Though with such a striking resemblance to their chosen Operators, it could just be a matter of time until we see their next Call of Duty cosplays. 

You can check through their full history of costumes on their individual Instagram accounts.