Marvel reveals plans for two new X-Men teams with surprising leaders

Christopher Baggett
X-Men #33 cover art

Women of Marvel has revealed Marvel’s upcoming X-Men plans, including Kate Pryde and Rogue as the new leaders of two teams of X-Men.

There’s a lot to keep up with in the X-Men right now. The Krakoa era is coming to an end in Fall of X, which sees the mutants separated from their paradise home of Krakoa and hunted. That’s all in the wake of Sabretooth War, which is killing mutants left and right.

The Krakoan Age of X-Men comes to an end soon, but plans are already well underway for the next era in a reboot only teased as From the Ashes.

Fans now have their first look at just what that era means, and it’s thanks to a reveal in a surprising place.

Kate Pryde & Rogue announced as Marvel’s new X-Men leaders

In the pages of Women of Marvel, author Angélique Roché teased a few upcoming Marvel events, including our first confirmation of two new X-Men teams with female leaders.

“Rogue and Kate Pryde will each be leading a new X-Men team,” Roché reveals in her intro to the book. “More to come as details on the summer 2024 X-Men launches are released!”

It didn’t stop there, as fans got their first tease of what the team composition would look like, thanks to a vision from none other than Madame Web herself.

Madame Web's vision from Marvel Voices
A Madame Web vision in Women of Marvel reveals the future of the X-Men.

In the vision, Web sees Kate Pryde in a costume that is both a new look and a throwback to her original, alongside Emma Frost and three shadowy figures. We also see Rogue alongside Gambit, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler, hinting that she’ll lead a more traditional X-Men team.

It’s a far cry from the usual X-Men composition, which tends to see mainstays like Cyclops, Wolverine, or Storm in leadership roles. However, it’s not an unusual twist, as both have led their own teams of X-Men and variations over the years.

The vision also teases the future of other X-Men, with Storm appearing in a suit and speaking at some kind of conference, as well as Jane Howlett, the Earth-1281 Wolverine slated to star in Weapon X-Men.

Women of Marvel #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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