YouTuber VinWiki reveals worlds cheapest Aston Martin Vanquish

Kieran Bicknell

Depreciation can be a wonderful thing, letting buyers afford supercars that would usually be well out of their budget. Ed Bolian of VinWiki is well-known for his love of bargain supercars, but this time he got more than he bargained for.

YouTube channel VinWiki founder and host Ed Bolian is renowned for his unusual supercar buying choices. Put to good use in the CarTrek series with fellow YouTubers Tavarish and Hoovies Garage, Ed’s skills may have landed him the world’s worst Aston Martin.

Explaining his choice to buy an Aston Martin Vanquish in the first place, Ed says “I really really wanted to get a Vanquish; I think it’s one of the most impressive-looking cars Aston ever built.” Given his love affair with the car, he set his sights on finding the cheapest one he could get his hands on.

Ed Bolian Aston Martin Vanquish
It turns out that Ed’s Aston Martin Vanquish used to be ‘likely’ owned by a drug lord.

Ed Bolian buys ex-druglord Aston Martin

Part of the reason that the Vanquish has depreciated so heavily from their original $245k+ price is their reputation for “terrible” gearboxes and poor reliability. Ed is no stranger to such things, however, so this did not put him off buying one.

Having found a suitable candidate with only 23,000 miles on the clock, Bolian began his inquiries. It turns out that despite being at auction and in the car of two car dealers, there was very little information on the car.

Eventually, it was discovered that the car was imported back from Columbia, and according to Ed’s friend it “looks like it was owned by a drug lord!” With no history, details, or service records, the car was sold as-seen, which turned out to be Ed’s downfall.

In the end, he was able to score the car for $25,000 – becoming the cheapest Vanquish that Ed had ever seen for sale. Upon arrival, it turns out that Ed may have got more than he bargained for.


It turned up already displaying numerous faults. The car was started in ‘limp mode’, the gearbox was flagging warnings, and the car was “very, very unwell” in his words. The fuel pump was also an issue, and the car would shut down half the motor unexpectedly.

Seeking a ‘master mechanics’ opinion, the news was not good. Bolian received a text from the mechanic stating, among other things, the he “doubted the car was ever driven on a [paved] road.”

In the end, Ed was able to drive the car for his new YouTube series, but not until it had received serious work, including a new clutch, fuel pumps, and other consumables. Despite its low list price, the Aston needed some serious maintenance, likely totaling up to a considerable amount.

Remember – these old supercars may be cheap, but maintaining them is the real kicker.