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Why YouTuber crashing $3.5m Pagani hypercar is actually a good thing

Published: 26/Nov/2020 10:48

by Kieran Bicknell


Smashing up your dad’s $3.5m hypercar is a pretty bad day, all things considered. But what if you somehow benefitted from the situation? Well, it looks like that might be what happens for Gage of GGExotics.

Having crashed the $3.5m Pagani Huyara Roadster hypercar, Gage from GGExotics was quick to release a statement giving his version of events, and explaining what had happened.

Thankfully, no-one was seriously injured in the crash, and no other cars were involved. According to Gage, he was driving the 764hp hypercar when he lost control and spun out, hitting a tree and destroying the entire front end of the Pagani.


In a strange turn of events, however, he may actually end up benefitting as a by-product of the crash, thanks to his YouTube channel.

Crashed Pagani
YouTube: RideWithRy
The Pagani was completely ruined in the crash.

GGExotics gains followers after Pagani crash

Following the crash blowing up on social media, Gage’s channel started becoming well-known among YouTube circles. News outlets such as Life of Palos covered the situation, as well as ‘mainstream’ news sites such as the Daily Mail.

For a relatively small YouTuber, this is big news, even if the circumstances surrounding the newfound interest in the GGExotics channel aren’t the best.

With YouTube basing its ad revenue payouts on the number of people watching videos (and therefore watching adverts), this sudden influx in interest may actually end up paying off for Gage.


Social Blade GGExotics
The GGExotics channel has seen a massive influx in new followers since the crash.

According to analytics site SocialBlade, GGExotics has been pulling in some impressive numbers since the incident. In the last 30 days, his view count is up over 240% (1.383 million.) Not only that, but his subscriber rate has also shot up, with between 1000 and 5000 new followers per day since the situation was revealed.

They did have a potential buyer for the Huyara lined up in the form of Houston Crosta from Royalty Exotic Cars, but unfortunately, the Carbon tub was cracked, and Houston walked away from the deal as it was “too far gone” to repair.

Of course, the gain in followers won’t be enough to pay off the smashed up Pagani, but the increased income will hopefully help Gage and friends get back to making YouTube content sooner.