Tanner Fox “ruins” his 1000 HP GTR with horrible paint job for Season 3

Eli Becht
tanner fox youtube paint gtr

YouTuber Tanner Fox celebrated the upcoming launch of Season 3 for his channel by “ruining” his Nissan GTR with a new paint job.

Going into 2020, Fox has become sporadic with his updates, uploading just three videos in the first month of the new year.

In his January 29 video, he explained that he’s actually been sick with mononucleosis, which he’s been battling for over a week.

“I have been so sick in bed for the past week,” he began. “The doctor thinks I have mono. It’s not good. I’ve been puking. I’ve had the flu for the past week, like I’ve said.”

(Quote begins at 1:57)

To help make up for some of the lost time, he came prepared with the announcement of “Season 3.” However, this reveal came at the expense of his beloved 1,000 horsepower GTR, which he decided to “ruin” with a fresh coat of paint.

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He grabbed some painting supplies from his local Michaels arts and crafts store, came back home, and spent 25 minutes painting “Season 3” across the side of his car.

tanner fox youtube
Season 3 is coming and his Fox’s GTR had to pay for it.

Although the vehicle can definitely be fixed, it doesn’t look like it’ll be appearing in many more future videos until the bombastic paint job is reverted.

Luckily, he has an alternative, as he revealed his new ride will be a Tesla Model 3, which he was able to get after trading in his Model X.

As for his schedule going forward, he mentions in his next video that he’ll go more in-depth about what viewers can expect – but promises to be more consistent with his uploads.

Fox picked up a Tesla Model 3.

“Maybe in the next video, I wanna talk about my schedule and how we’re going to be posting a lot more consistently and kinda go into all of that stuff,” he continued.

It’s no secret that the key to success on YouTube is having a regular upload schedule, and it’s clear that Fox sees that, himself.

In the description of his video, he teases possible collaborations with huge names like Mr Beast and FaZe Rug, so Season 3 very well could end up being his biggest and best yet.

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