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Lewis Hamilton reveals why he’s swapped supercars for electric cars

Published: 15/Sep/2020 16:13

by Kieran Bicknell


As one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in recent years, Lewis Hamilton has quite the car collection. However, it now seems that these cars will be forever confined to the garage according to a recent announcement made by Lewis.

This isn’t the first time that the multiple championship-winning F1 driver has announced that he is scaling back on his luxuries. Earlier in 2020, he sold off his personal jet plane in an attempt to offset his carbon footprint.


Citing “environmental reasons” for selling his jet, Hamilton now insists on all airport transfers to-and-from events being in electric-only vehicles to minimize his environmental impact. For a man that races cars for a living, he is certainly far more openly eco-conscious than many of his competitors.

Lewis Hamilton with AMG GTR
Instagram: @lewishamilton
Lewis with his Mercedes-AMG GTR.

Lewis Hamilton’s incredible car collection

Perhaps most surprising is that this desire to minimize his carbon footprint extends to his incredible collection of cars. Being a professional racing driver by trade, Hamilton has an incredible collection of cars sat in his garage.


Ranging from modern-day heroes such as the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari to old-school-cool with his 1966 Shelby Cobra 427, he has an eclectic and varied personal garage. Further highlights include a Ferrari 599 Aperta, Pagani Zonda 760, and a Mercedes AMG GTR.

Now it seems that these cars will be relegated to museum pieces or perhaps even sold, following an announcement from Hamilton at the Mugello Grand Prix.

“I don’t drive any of the cars that I own anymore”

On Thursday, September 10 in the lead up to the Tuscan GP at Mugello, Hamilton told reporters “I don’t drive any of the cars that I own anymore. I only drive my [Mercedes] EQC.”


Lewis also shares an insight into his eco-conscious journey on his Instagram page: “The first step in this journey was to understand my personal impact on the planet so I could make changes to improve it. Since then, I have offset my carbon footprint from my Formula 1 career dating back to 2007.”


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Recently I’ve been making many changes in my life to reduce my impact on the environment. The first step in this journey was to understand my personal impact on the planet so I could make changes to improve it. Since then, I have offset my carbon footprint from my Formula 1 career dating back to 2007, I have reduced travel where possible, I have gone plant-based and outside of the track, I try to use electric cars wherever possible. I also want to use my position as a racing driver to enforce positive and permanent change, which is why I’m working closely with Mercedes to slowly move their fleet of cars towards electric. This is my new dream car, the new EQS fully electric Mercedes. I can’t wait until it’s released! It’s difficult to always be perfect when we go about our daily lives, but I’m continuing to learn how to be better and I’m committed to staying educated and informed so I can play my part. Small steps lead to big change, so it’s important we all take a moment to understand our footprint and the small changes we can make in our everyday lives to put our planet first. The last step for me will be when I step away from this sport and can focus fully on helping heal the world to provide a better future for our kids and our kids, kids. #VisionEQS @mercedesbenz

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Launch of Extreme E X44 team

The move to an almost fully-electric lifestyle also coincides with the news that Hamilton will be launching his own team in the new Extreme E off-road racing series. Named X44 after his F1 car number, the Extreme E championship is on track to launch during 2021.

As a voice of change for many both within F1 and wider pop culture, it will be interesting to see if other high-profile celebrities follow in Hamilton’s footsteps to reduce their environmental impact.


For now, there is no news of his garage being sold off, so hopefully, the collection will live to be seen another day.


Archie Hamilton reveals big plans for his new Audi RS6 worth $130k

Published: 1/Oct/2020 11:13 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 18:13

by Kieran Bicknell


YouTubers such as Archie Hamilton are renowned for not being able to leave their cars ‘stock.’ In his September 30 video, Archie reveals his plans for the latest addition to his fleet, the Audi RS6 Avant.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged, 4-liter V8 with over 600hp, the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant is the “ultimate family car.” In typical Archie Hamilton style, however, he has no plans to leave it unchanged.


He’s picked a fantastic base car for his build though. Opting for the ‘Carbon Black’ package, Archie’s RS6 is dripping in intricate carbon-fiber details inside and out. Not only that, but he has specified the adaptive sports exhaust, making it sound “so much better.”

Archie Hamilton new RS6 Avant
YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing
Archie opted for the ‘Carbon Black’ trim for his RS6 Avant.

Archie Hamilton Audi RS6 Spec

Revealing the first of his plans, he says: “It sounds good… but I’m going to make it sound better!”


Archies car also has the upgraded 22″ alloy wheels. While these do look amazing, when he mentions them Hamilton says “Are these wheels staying on the car? Hmm, I’m not going to lie” suggesting that a wheel swap is in the pipeline.

The best part of the car for AH is the interior, as “this is where it gets even better!” Inside the carbon-fiber details continue, along with an Alcantara steering wheel. His favorite things inside the car are the panoramic roof and uprated B&O audio system which are both “game-changers.”

Audi incorporates the navigation system into both the central touchscreen and the instrument cluster. Archie admits he always messes around with the system on RS models as the graphics are so good.


Archie Hamilton RS6 modifications

Moving on to speak about his plans for the car, Archie reveals that he has a number of ideas to change up the RS6’s appearance.

He says he “wants to go back to his roots” referencing his Mercedes A45 AMG. While he doesn’t want to wrap this one camouflage like his A45 he “go to town” on the RS6.

According to Archie, the wheels are going to change, along with the addition of “splitters, things like that… some seriously cool mods.” It is also going to be wrapped, but as of yet Archie has not confirmed the color, just “not satin black.”


Allegedly, he says he has “no plans to sell this car” but AH fans know he’s notorious for doing so. Still, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he does appear to be genuinely smitten with the RS6.