UFC Champion Conor McGregor’s insane car collection cost calculated

Connor McGregor RRsYouTube: Seb Delanney

Famous for his incredible UFC track record and skill, Conor McGregor also has an incredible collection of cars. YouTuber Seb Delanney takes a look inside McGregor’s multi-million-dollar collection in his September 6 video.

Having gone from collecting welfare checks to multi-UFC champion in only a matter of years, McGregor has turned his life around from rags-to-riches and he has the car collection to prove it.

Following his retirement from fighting on June 7, 2020, he now has far more time to enjoy his four-wheeled delights. According to Google, which Seb calls (semi-sarcastically) “the most reliable source in the world,” Conor is allegedly worth $99m which explains how he affords his incredible collection.

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McGregor is known for his confidence and fighting talents.

Conor McGregor’s car collection

As expected for such a top-level celebrity, McGregor has a love for the finer things in the automobile world. Clearly a man that enjoys having choices, he has not one, not two but three Rolls-Royces: A Rolls-Royce Dawn ($371k+), Ghost ($312k+), and a Wraith ($340k+).

Clearly a fan of luxury vehicles, McGregor has been seen in both a first and second-generation Bentley Continental GT ($199k+) – perfect for relaxed motoring with a bit more ‘get up and go’ than in the Rolls-Royces mentioned above.

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While Seb doesn’t mention it in his video, Conor has also previously posted a photo of his Lamborghini Urus ($210k+) on Instagram from Christmas 2019. Going for a black-on-black spec, this Urus is a great mix of practicality and performance.

As well as the Urus, Conor also has a White Lamborghini Aventador Roadster ($506k+). Powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine putting out 700hp, the brash, visceral Aventador is at complete odds with his other, more luxurious cars.

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Alongside his Lamborghinis, McGregor has also been spotted in a bright Orange McLaren 650s ($257k+). Evidently a fan of bright supercar colors, Conor’s Orange McLaren is certainly not one for him to drive when he’s trying to stay incognito.

Even his ‘practical’ cars are incredible

It seems that even his ‘practical’ family car is on the ‘brutish’ side of things, opting for a massive Cadillac Escalade ($75k+ when new). This car became famous after a video of him stopping and fist-bumping two men that were staging a ‘mock MMA fight’ on a Dublin sidewalk, which also showed a rare ‘human’ side of McGregor.

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When staying ‘under the radar’ McGregor seems to favor a previous-generation Range Rover in LA. With the Range ($85k+ when new) being such a common sight in Los Angeles, it’s the perfect car for Conor to go about his life without too much media attention.

Seb sums his taste up perfectly by saying “certainly knows how to make money, but he also certainly knows how to spend it!”