Joe Rogan tells Post Malone why self-driving cars are the future

Kieran Bicknell
Joe Rogan and Post Malone on a podcastYoutube: PowerfulJRE

Joe Rogan sat down with Post Malone to discuss self-driving cars, Rolls-Royces and more on his latest JRE Podcast episode, including why Joe thinks autonomous cars will be the safest way to travel.

In his time as host of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe has spoken to numerous industry leaders on his channel about autonomous driving and self-driving cars, though it seems that this week’s guest Post Malone wasn’t so excited about the concept of being driven around by a computer.

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Joe RoganYoutube: PowerfulJRE
Joe Rogan is a vocal supporter of autonomous vehicles

Joe Rogan’s love for self-driving cars

Rogan has often shown support for the future of autonomous driving on his show, stating that the future of driving will be safer, and that self-driving cars will ‘eliminate auto accidents’ during his interview with Post.

Post Malone by contrast disagrees, citing the film ‘Upgrade’ over his concerns that hackers will be able to take control of self-driving cars, as well as saying he will ‘always’ drive his own vehicles.

With self-driving cars and taxis still a few years away from being a reality, Joe thinks the younger generations will adapt quickly. He states that since they use Lyft or Uber and “barely drive anywhere” they are used to simply being a passenger rather than driving for themselves, and will, therefore, adapt faster.

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Topic begins at 1:17:05

Self-driving car safety

Joe then goes on to explain that self-driving cars would eliminate issues such as drunk drivers, therefore saving lives of both other drivers and innocent bystanders. It seems like it’s a win-win situation right?

Autonomous cars would also give people more control over their environment, safety. It also provides more control over “what they can and can’t do” which would make the world far safer according to Rogan.

Rogan also tries to convince Post, saying if he smashed into a (self-driving) car in his “crazy Bronco” then it’s his fault, but Post quipped back saying “that’s how I like it!”

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Post then goes on to explain how he likes being in control as opposed to being a passenger, and how his fear of flying is due to the lack of control in the situation; Therefore it would be the same situation for him with the concept of self-driving cars.

Post MaloneYoutube: PowerfulJRE
Post Malone has his own crazy collection of cars

Autonomous vehicles are a hot topic at the moment, so it’s certainly interesting to hear the views of someone outside of the automotive tech industry in this episode.

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With nearly 4 hours of conversation between the two of them covering a variety of weird and whacky topics, this is one JRE episode you don’t want to miss.

Post Malone’s car collection

While Post is best known for his music career, he also has a significant car collection ranging from a Rolls-Royce Wraith to a crazy 1992 Ford Explorer.

He even named a track after his Explorer, which has crazy spinner wheels and insane Lamborghini-style doors.

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