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James May provides disappointing update on The Grand Tour Season 4

Published: 23/Jul/2020 17:12 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:35

by Jacob Hale


The Grand Tour co-host James May has provided a bleak update on the future of The Grand Tour, with no clear insight into when filming will go ahead — and potential location for upcoming episodes.

As with much of the entertainment sector, The Grand Tour has been put on hold throughout most of 2020 thanks to the ongoing global health crisis, and it stopped them from filming a Season 4 special of the show.


While original plans would have seen May take an epic road trip around Russia with co-hosts Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, this coincided with announcements of travel restrictions and heightened health concerns in March, forcing the trip to be called off.

The Grand Tour Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, James May
Amazon Prime Video
The Grand Tour first launched in 2017.

With some areas of the world starting to return back to normal, it looks like the Grand Tour crew, as well as distributors Amazon Prime Video, are thinking about how they can get the show back on the road.


“The effects of lockdown on making TV shows is that we have to retract our ambitions for travel,” he told The Sun. “It’s not just, ‘Can we get on an aeroplane and go somewhere?’ but, ‘Are we going to be able to do anything when we get there?’

He continued: “We may have to accept that if you’re in Britain or America, us being in Cambodia or Africa is exotic, but for our viewers in those places us being in Ireland would be exotic. So maybe we have to start thinking a bit more like that.”

Speaking highly of the opportunities available to the team across the UK, May hinted at some possible filming locations for their next special, including Scotland, Cornwall, Dorset, Wales and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

The Grand Tour Ferrari and James May, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson
Amazon Prime Video
The Grand Tour sees May, Hammond and Clarkson use all manners of cars all over the world.

May wanted to reiterate that it wasn’t all bad in terms of the future of the show, reiterating that it is “postponed, not canceled.”

“I think Amazon would say the same thing,” he noted. “We would rather wait a bit longer rather than rushing it for the sake of it and coming out with something half-a*sed.”

The most recent episode of The Grand Tour aired was Episode 1 of Season 4, which saw the trio travelling across Vietnam’s Mekong Delta in boats.


When the rest of the season gets back underway, including the specials they have planned, remains a mystery; but rest assured they will be coming.


Top Gear’s Chris Harris slams “stupid” $625k Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Published: 8/Oct/2020 14:56 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 14:57

by Kieran Bicknell


As presenter of BBC’s Top Gear, Chris Harris is living out his boyhood dream. Inevitably, once in a while a supercar is going to come along that really gets his back up, and it seems the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale has done exactly that.

Harris hasn’t always been a household TV name. Prior to joining Top Gear in 2016, Harris presented his own series on YouTube, along with writing for the likes of Autocar and Evo magazine in England.


After a famous falling-out with Ferrari back in 2011 (which saw him banned from reviewing their cars for two years) it seems Harris is still on good terms with the Italian brand, but that may be about to change.

Unfortunately for Ferrari, Chris Harris is definitely not a fan of the new SF90 Stradale hybrid, not even in the top-range ‘Assetto Fiorano’ trim. Costing a whopping $625,000 without options, the SF90 represents a new direction for Ferrari. Sadly, it seems that it’s not a good direction, at least according to Harris.

Chris Harris with Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano
YouTube: Top Gear
Harris was not a fan of Ferrari’s new flagship hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale.

Chris Harris reviews the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

He believes that supercar manufacturers are going down a “rabbit hole of performance,” chasing ever-decreasing 0-60 times and fighting for the fastest lap times possible. The SF90 seems to fall firmly into this category for Harris, and he wasted no time tearing into the apex supercar.

“The thing is undeniably impressive” he admitted when asked about his opinion on the car, but that’s about as much praise as he had. “It’s a vehicle you find yourself admiring rather than lusting after, it trades in applying forces to the body of the driver, that’s really it.”

The complexity of the SF90 is a big issue, as is the brutal performance. “It’s so fast, you don’t have time to understand what’s going on… it’s stupid” said Chris. He does admit that the characteristics of the car are “sensational” but they sadly don’t make up for its pitfalls.


Practicality is a big concern too, as the location of the SF90’s electric motors in the front means that it can’t carry luggage. This transforms it from a car into a “toy” according to Harris, as there’s no practicality to it whatsoever.

The SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari”

While Ferraris are often lauded as the prettiest cars on the road, even styling can’t save the SF90. In his words, Chris said “it looks like it was styled by a computer, rather than some Italian bloke with a pencil… It’s lacking emotion.”

Summing up, Chris says despite the fact the SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari” its stablemate, the F8 Tributo, is far better.


“Give me 500hp, 950kg, a manual gearbox, and maybe a little bit of electricity to get through town quietly and start-up quietly in front of my neighbors; Give me that, and that’s the car I want.”

Whether his harsh words will lead to another falling out with Ferrari is uncertain, but with many praising his honesty, it’s unlikely Harris is going to change any time soon.