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Cops pull over McLaren 720S moments after leaving RDB LA

Published: 6/Feb/2020 21:02 Updated: 6/Feb/2020 21:35

by Eli Becht


RDB LA fixed up a luxury McLaren 720S car, and just as the client took to the streets of Los Angeles, they were pulled over by police within seconds.

Driving a flashy vehicle can quickly get the attention of people on the street, but unfortunately, that also means you can catch the eye of the police.


This is exactly what happened just moments after RDB LA brought the McLaren out. In a February 6 video, the auto shop crew filmed the client pulling out of a parking lot, passing right by a police officer who was stopped at a traffic light.

rdb la vik
RDB LA - YouTube
RDB LA is one of the most popular car repair spots in the whole city.

The officer immediately pulled a U-turn and quickly caught up to pull the vehicle over, all in the course of about 10 seconds. The YouTube group got a kick out of this and even caught up to the driver to film the encounter.


At one point, a car slowed down during the traffic stop and shouted out the window about how great the Los Angeles car shop is.

cop car mclaren 720s
RDB LA - YouTube
This cop wasn’t playing any games.

RDB LA’s Vik and Mano managed to talk the cop out of impounding the car by catching up on a scooter of all things, which brings some good news to the surprise encounter.

“It’s a nice try, he tried taking the car,” Mano explained. “Nice try. Next time, buddy.”


(Quote begins at 1:22)

It’s a good thing the impounding didn’t happen because Vik is a big fan of the McLaren 720S and would’ve surely been bummed to see it go, especially since it’s for a client they just worked with. He even explained back in January that he would actually take the car over the more expensive Lamborghini Aventador.

Of course, it’d be hard to go wrong with either vehicle, but his reasoning came down to simple things like the 720S being a smoother ride and its top speed is a little bit faster.

RDBLA - YouTube
Vik had to save the day and stop the car from being impounded.

RDB LA is a popular spot for celebrities to get their cars tuned up in Los Angeles, and the store even calls itself the city’s premier car shop.

Local celebrities such as Logan Paul, Chris Brown, and others have brought their vehicles in for a look in the past.


Its safe to say that fans appreciate the chance at getting an inside look at what goes into repairs for these expensive cars, all thanks to the unique YouTube channel.


Top Gear’s Chris Harris slams “stupid” $625k Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Published: 8/Oct/2020 14:56 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 14:57

by Kieran Bicknell


As presenter of BBC’s Top Gear, Chris Harris is living out his boyhood dream. Inevitably, once in a while a supercar is going to come along that really gets his back up, and it seems the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale has done exactly that.

Harris hasn’t always been a household TV name. Prior to joining Top Gear in 2016, Harris presented his own series on YouTube, along with writing for the likes of Autocar and Evo magazine in England.


After a famous falling-out with Ferrari back in 2011 (which saw him banned from reviewing their cars for two years) it seems Harris is still on good terms with the Italian brand, but that may be about to change.

Unfortunately for Ferrari, Chris Harris is definitely not a fan of the new SF90 Stradale hybrid, not even in the top-range ‘Assetto Fiorano’ trim. Costing a whopping $625,000 without options, the SF90 represents a new direction for Ferrari. Sadly, it seems that it’s not a good direction, at least according to Harris.

Chris Harris with Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano
YouTube: Top Gear
Harris was not a fan of Ferrari’s new flagship hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale.

Chris Harris reviews the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

He believes that supercar manufacturers are going down a “rabbit hole of performance,” chasing ever-decreasing 0-60 times and fighting for the fastest lap times possible. The SF90 seems to fall firmly into this category for Harris, and he wasted no time tearing into the apex supercar.

“The thing is undeniably impressive” he admitted when asked about his opinion on the car, but that’s about as much praise as he had. “It’s a vehicle you find yourself admiring rather than lusting after, it trades in applying forces to the body of the driver, that’s really it.”

The complexity of the SF90 is a big issue, as is the brutal performance. “It’s so fast, you don’t have time to understand what’s going on… it’s stupid” said Chris. He does admit that the characteristics of the car are “sensational” but they sadly don’t make up for its pitfalls.


Practicality is a big concern too, as the location of the SF90’s electric motors in the front means that it can’t carry luggage. This transforms it from a car into a “toy” according to Harris, as there’s no practicality to it whatsoever.

The SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari”

While Ferraris are often lauded as the prettiest cars on the road, even styling can’t save the SF90. In his words, Chris said “it looks like it was styled by a computer, rather than some Italian bloke with a pencil… It’s lacking emotion.”

Summing up, Chris says despite the fact the SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari” its stablemate, the F8 Tributo, is far better.


“Give me 500hp, 950kg, a manual gearbox, and maybe a little bit of electricity to get through town quietly and start-up quietly in front of my neighbors; Give me that, and that’s the car I want.”

Whether his harsh words will lead to another falling out with Ferrari is uncertain, but with many praising his honesty, it’s unlikely Harris is going to change any time soon.