RDBLA's Vik on why he'd take a McLaren 720s over a Lamborghini Aventador

by Eli Becht
RDBLA - YouTube


It's hard to go wrong when picking between a McLaren 720s or a Lamborghini Aventador, but Vik from RDBLA Auto Center knows what he'd choose.

Both vehicles will set you back several hundred thousand dollars, but the Aventador will be the more expensive option. For many people, they'd see the high price and assume it's the better vehicle.

However, Vik would actually prefer the cheaper one, and laid out his reasoning behind that in a January 27 video.

mclaren 720s
The McLaren 720s is no slouch.


While he talked about some of the benefits the Aventador has over the McLaren, he still prefers the 720s.

"It's just losing traction, so much more comfortable than the Aventador," he said. "If you were comparing an Aventador S, which is newer like this, it is a little better."

He talks about some of the changes the company has made to make Aventador ride a bit smoother and how the sounds are better, but it wasn't enough for him to take it over the 720s.

Aventador or McLaren 720s?


"Me, I would take [McLaren 720s], but the Aventador looks, sound, you can't beat it. No matter what you do you're not gonna make it sound out of this world like an Aventador. You're gonna put burbles and fire and pops and it's just gonna annoy you and you're gonna take it off."

He does conclude by saying the McLaren is faster than the Aventador, so the speed demons out there will certainly appreciate that.

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